Godman Rampal has finally been arrested. Here are some things that we now know about the controversial man who has been using devotees as human shields

13Things We Now Know about Godman Rampalrampal3 GODMAN RAMPAL FINALLY ARRESTED

  1. We now know that Haryana Godman Rampal has finally been arrested after playing a cat and mouse game with the police for weeks (Read more on India Opines). We also had the political parties making their predictable statements – the BJP patting itself on the back for a job well done, the Congress criticising the authorities for botched job that took way too long.
  2. He likes to be referred to as Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj, interchangeably with Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj – these are the two terms that appear on the Godman’s official website. He claims to offer “supreme knowledge” and makes references to the holy books of all religions as well as the teachings of Sant Kabir. (Source)
  3. Rampal also likes to convey the impression that he is an incarnation of God – a video embedded on the home page of his website speaks of Hari Aaye Haryana Nu – God has descended to Haryana. A long winded video, nearly 3 hours long speaks of prophecies made by various well know personalities such as Nostradamus, Lady Florence, Hungarian astrologer Boriska Silvigar, American futurist Anderson, Jean Dixon of America and many others that supposedly predicted the birth of a “great man” in rural North India.
  4. rampal1 GODMAN RAMPAL FINALLY ARRESTEDThere is also reference to Kabir’s own prophecy that he would be reborn. The conclusion therefore arrived at by Ramdev and his followers, is that he is a reincarnation of the mystic poet-saint who lived in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  5. Rampal was a civil engineer with the Haryana Irrigation department and he was sacked in 2000.
  6. The case for which he was evading arrest, is a 2006 matter when his supporters opened fire on people living around his ashram, when one person died and many were injured.
  7. We know that Rampal has evaded arrest 43 times. Non-bailable warrants have repeatedly been issued against him, which he had evaded on pretexts of poor health.
  8. We now also know that Rampal was perfectly content to manipulate his blindly faithful devotees and to use them as human shields to avoid being arrested. Satsang (religious meetings) were deliberately scheduled to coincide with his court dates so that arrest attempts by the authorities would be foiled.
  9. Rampal has shown scant concern for his devotees or the fact that 5 women and an 18 month old child died in the violence surrounding the arrest evasion drama. 200 people were injured (70 journalists and 105 policemen among them) in the process but Rampal continued to hide.
  10. There was a 10 day siege where devotees and hired criminals formed a human cordon to protect the Godman from arrest. At the end of the siege, 15,000 were freed and 492 arrests were made. (Source – Times)
  11. The Godman’s ashram is spread out over 12 acres. His ‘dera’ or cult is worth about 100 crores and he owns a fleet of luxury cars, including BMWs and Mercedes. (Source – NDTV)
  12. The villagers living around the area of the Godman’s ashram are relieved that the Godman has been carted away. “The man who called himself a saint turned out to be a goonda,” said one person.
  13. Apart from the murder charge for which he was evading arrest Rampal will now be tried for charges including evading arrest, rioting, activities amounting to being enemy of the state and more.

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