A Tribute to Robin Williams! Robin Williams has gone now where he had never been before leaving behind a lot for humanity to entertain and enjoy.

It is easy to make people cry. It is difficult to make people laugh. A comedian has always had a harder job at hand than a tragedy king  queen of screen or circus. I loved Mehmood and Dilip Kumar because they both were masters of the opposite situations. I’ve also high regards for Guru Dutt but I’m yet to reconcile with the fact that a great actor like Robin Williams had to end his life in solitary depression and desperation.

robin williams good bye Good Bye Robin Williams !

People say,“To commit suicide when you’ve got so much going for you is pure selfishness.” However, they don’t realize that suicide is consequence of unbearable strains and depression. It is actually a clinical condition.

True, we all feel miserable at times and most of the times it is trivial and ephemeral phase. Everyone gets depressed now and again. But we don’t commit suicide though we often touch the threshold. There are times when all the money, fame, success and family become near meaningless. We feel like heading fast towards the black hole and nothing makes any sense. But then we are in possession of logic and hope.

As long as we are at command of these assets we are safe. The moment, the safeguard is fallen we become mentally sick. Logic and Reason evaporate from our existence. Even personal factors fail to account and mental illness get the upper hand. This illness can affect anyone and otherwise healthy people with every reason to be happy are caught in fatal claws of its demons. Perhaps, Robin Williams was no exception.

ROBIN WILLIAMS ACTOR Good Bye Robin Williams !I have not seen many of his movies and I’m not entitled to comment upon his art. However, his death makes me sad. And death of a clown makes it sadder. They work to make you happy. A comedian has the gift of enhancing the lives of others. It is pity that a great actor comedian like Williams couldn’t handle his personal life. Celebrities are always under pressure and fear. Money and fame works reciprocal and fails to buy for them security and happiness. Therapists often wander as what to do in these tragedies.

Robin Williams had earlier recovered from cocaine addiction was out of rehabilitation. He was a regular member of ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’, with its emphasis on non-judgmental group support. There was no help that Williams could not and did not receive. Sadly, every thing failed.

Someone commented on TV –  He gave so many people so many laughs he ran out of laughs for himself.’

It is believed that people who make people laugh are usually isolated people and the jokers in their mind come from other horizons. They see beyond the pale, and a bit too deeply. To share with my readers, I’ve rarely tried my hand on funny write-ups. But, whenever I ventured in past, I found it leaving me sullen and sulking. I fear its short life and feel its doubts. I can’t explain but I understand.

robin williams rip Good Bye Robin Williams !

I can’t even approve any act of suicide and cant extol its virtue. However, I share the scary sensation of being all alone in the crowd of Vanity Fair. Robin Williams has gone now where he had never been before leaving behind a lot for humanity to entertain and enjoy. I don’t know if he really knew where he was headed for.

By: Naim Naqvi

Image Source: Robin Williams, Robin Williams RIP

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