Desire to close one door and step in another door is harbored within each of the job-doers. But, one should be wise and discreet enough to take any call.

Back in those days, sticking with one employer for decades and retire with a gold watch or a fat pension in return, was regarded as a sign of longevity and loyalty. But in today’s job environment, this concept is like tossing a coin and confusion about what to wish for. Staying at a company can say much about you as a potential employer, while switching jobs may at times deem you as a job hopper considering you unmotivated.

job change Is It A Good Sign To Jump From One Company To Another

Why switch jobs?

Why does one wish to switch jobs? Without a doubt, it’s the human nature – the game changer.

  • Pretty quickly, we get bored of everything and quite obviously our jobs are no exception. Sooner or later, all of us start to get a feeling of switching job, making a list of number of reasons to support the idea to switching.
  • The list would start with anything like salary hike, appreciation at work, hunger for better role and close with reasons like having a moron boss, peer pressure or a drowning company.
  • Like the saying goes, grass always looks greener at the other side, our thoughts work in a similar fashion. We find our jobs to be bad and in other companies they are just hunky dory.

The two faces of job holders:

Now, there are two kind of job holders, the first thinks that working for a long time would be a good sign for their resume and shows their loyalty. While the second don’t give a heck about anything and just keep switching jobs and get their salary to grow fatter for every switch.

In this era of raise freezes and with a mentality of “you are lucky you even have a job”, there is no advancement. We might just end up stagnant in the same cadre for years because of a single – focus aim of job security.

Switching jobs clearly lifts you to a higher pay package and boost your future earning potential. But of course, the age factor plays its own role on salary hike, as salaries tend to hit their plateau when people are in their forties. This means if you’re approaching forty, the next few years could probably be the best time to go for a higher position and a higher pay.

However, there is no hard and fast ‘time cap’ for when you as an individual should jump ship.

Dream Job Is It A Good Sign To Jump From One Company To Another

When to stay and when not to!

 While we are on the subject of job hopping, staying for a short period at a job also carries a stigma.

  • The length of employment at a company is only one part of your career picture.
  • As long as you can show you are great at adapting new situations, advancing your skills and keep building a solid professional network.
  • There is no ‘too long’ limit. There is no timeframe that is too long to stick in a job.
  • Holding on a job for ten years, with qualities like staying up-to-date in your area of expertise and networking with others in the field, could be a positive thing on your career.
  • A better question would probably be how long is ‘too long’ to work for the same boss. Every time a manager changes, there is significant culture change you have to adapt to.

Actually, on a positive note, switching jobs can be good for your career – to build a network faster, keep your passion alive, keep challenges fresh and figure out what is it that you want to do in your life.

  • Its network that gets you job, not your resume. As and when you job-hop, you expand your network tenfold.
  • But considering short job stints, having too many jobs in less than a year can throw up red flags.
  • At the end of the day, when we look out for new jobs, we should be able to explain our career history in such a way that it sounds good to the company and puts you in the best light.
  • As with every other job searching situations, it’s all about how we tell our story about our work.

career chart Is It A Good Sign To Jump From One Company To Another

However hard you work, a decent raise is least expected until you switch companies or unless you have a very good luck on your side. But does this mean you should greed and strategically keep switching jobs?

At the end, it’s ultimately your call to stick in a job or just move on. Whether get pleasure from financial projections or you love picking out an accent pillow, just go ahead and get after it!

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