Pak PM Nawaz Sharif recently announced that his country would no longer differentiate between good Taliban and bad Taliban. This is very significant. Here’s why

Why This is a Very Significant Admission from Nawaz Sharifno discrimination be done between good taliban bad taliban nawaz sharif GOOD TALIBAN BAD TALIBAN

  1. A massive blow was dealt to Pakistani civil society in the form of the Peshawar Army School attack on 16th December 2014. Amidst the nationwide grief and outpouring of sympathy from all over the world, the Pakistani administration resolved to fight terror in all forms.
  2. In response to the Peshawar attack, Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared publicly his country’s resolve to fight all types of terror. He was quoted as having said the following: “We announce that there will be no differentiation between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Taliban and have resolved to continue the war against terrorism till the last terrorist is eliminated.” (Source – HT)
  3. This “Good Taliban Bad Taliban” statement is significant for many reasons: firstly it is an implied admission, an admission that may be inadvertent, but an admission nonetheless: It is an admission that the official stance of the Pak administration on various terror outfits is a benevolent one; an encouraging and enabling one; albeit selectively encouraging and enabling.
  4. The Pak PM’s statement lays bare, Pakistan’s segmented approach to terror. Within this dual approach, on the one hand it actively facilitates, funds and supports terror outfits within its own borders and permits acts of terror that originate from Pak soil. On the other hand it struggles with the grim reality of regular terror attacks upon its own people.
  5. The PM’s statement acknowledges that Pakistan did in fact consider at least some Taliban outfits to be “good” until the very recent past; until a heinous and unforgivable attack on innocents forced them to reassess their priorities and their beliefs.
  6. The Pakistani authorities are now forced to confront the fact that there is no such thing as a “good Taliban”; that all Taliban is “bad Taliban”; bad Taliban which will attack civilians and agitate against the Pakistani state for any of various reasons, including being insufficiently radical or fundamentalist, being a US ally or any other such as army actions as in this case.
  7. The Pakistani people have paid a terrible, terrible price before the government has finally been forced to confront fact that state sponsored terror can have only tragic results. For everyone.
  8. It has been an unfortunate materialisation of the statement Hilary Clinton made some years back: “you can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbours”. Eventually those snakes were bound to turn on whoever fed them – unfortunately and tragically, they have.


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