We need a stable Government System; an idea for a new Parlaimentary system is penned

You may agree the current Parliament System in India is shaky, faulty with imbalances.

indian parliament Government System in India Needs To Be Updated

We need a stable Government System; hence to begin with following initial idea for a new Parlaimentary system is penned

Prime Minister’s (PM*) appointment should be for the full five-year term with liberty to appoint ministers from any walk of life.

Selection of PM should be done by the elected Lok-Sabha Members member (MP).  Once selected for the position of PM, the Appointment – need to the confirmed by the Upper house in consultation with the Supreme Court (if any judicial review needed).

After electing the PM, Lok-Sabha members (MPs) should work in their own constituencies controlling and assisting (with direct access to the PM and his cabinet Ministers) the MLAs, local administration and State Government. (MPs should actas Guardians of democracy).

Rajya-Sabha (the Upper-house) members should be appointed for life time from different fields based on the expertise and work experience as 1st point to suggest and help formulate policies in wider national interest (Affiliation to any political party, NGOs etc. strictly prohibited). The President & Vice-president are elected by the Rajya-Sabha members to act as their head for the term of 5 years with maximum of 2 terms as the president).  Judiciary, CIA, Lok-Pal should be independent..  Defense forces should be under the direct control of the President (as supreme commander) and Upper house.

The PM is not allowed to contest elections and work for any Political party and his term is limited to a maximum of 10 years with automatic life time appointment to the upper-house, unless impeached in between the tenor or thereafter.

The MPs and MLAs should have the issue based assembly, periodically and whenever an emergency session is called for. They should review the legislation  and may request the Rajya-Sabha to re-view/amend them.  After the second clearance (review &/or amendments by the Rajyaa-Sabha, the legislation can only be turned down by the Lok-Sabha with 2/3rd majority.

Similar Principal to apply to the State Governments as well

This is only a primary suggestion to keep the politics out of daily life of the people.

(PM* & Its Ministers) The person elected as PM should not be an MP (if an MP is elected as PM, he should vacate his position of an MP), severe all political alliance/membership etc. (same principal should also apply the Ministers as selected (with acceptance) and confirmed by the Upper-house in consultation with the Supreme Court (if any judicial review needed).

By Arun Kumar Goel

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