Indians still believe fair is beautiful and dark is ugly. Its about time we oppose this ancient myth

 The fore- most myth every Indian, loves to believe in, is that fair complexioned people are far superior to dark- skinned people.They are more intelligent,they rule over black,they are always good,they can fight and thrash the dark, just like that for no reason ! On the other hand a dark skinned person is projected as a low intelligent person, unable to understand anything, villainous, absurd, etc. These projection have been maintained over the centuries ,to such an extent ,even the subconscious mind of every Indian is brainwashed to believe it as true!

Roots Of The Colour Prejudice

 If you analyse ,you will know that  the root of this prejudice stems from the’ Varnashrama Dharma’ i.e, the  Caste structure founded  firmly,based on skin colour. This ‘Dharma’ gave unfair advantage to the fair- skinned people just because they were born fair.They used it to rule over other people who were relatively a shade dark. This myth,as mentioned earlier has been perpetuated by the media over centuries and made an integral part of Indian psyche.Even growing little children are brain washed in to believing in this colour prejudice through popular children cartoon serials like ‘chota bheem’.  

Stay Unfair Stay Beautiful The Great Indian Prejudice

Colour Prejudice Is An Industry In India !

Thanks to’ Fair & Lovely’ fairness cream  advertisements, all dark skinned women are almost pushed into depression and have started worrying about the prospects of their marriages. Adding fuel to the fire, is the declining number of dark- skinned media actors and  actresses through out India including Tamil Nadu. Fairness cream industry is worth crores and they stand to gain from sustaining the myth. It’s time the union Government intervenes and stops those atrocious advertisements before they do irreparable damage to the self-esteem of millions of Indians.Even Law-Makers have this bias, as revealed by the kind of remarks they occasionally make even in Parliament. Even the darkest Africans or Afro-Americans always feel proud about their complexion as colour is never a media- obsession abroad. Media should realize the hidden danger in fairness cream advertisements and refuse to telecast such advertisements.

Affirmative Action Against Colour Prejudice

No other nation including US allow ‘fairness’ commercials. American Government as well as the media follow an unwritten ’ affirmative action policy’ to fight against the possible colour prejudice in the country. In all top US Government appointments, due share is allotted to Afro- Americans. Similarly American media has played a major role in shaping Afro- American celebrities like Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Mohamed Ali etc.Naomi Campbell ,the famous ‘Super Model ‘is an example of the extent of  Western approval of equality in colour preferences.Moreover ,their children’s  cartoons and feature films ,carry a  Afro-American character always  shown in good light . Compare this with Indian national media. I am yet to come across a single dark skinned newsreader, anchor or even  a news reporter in NDTV, Times Now or Headlines Today! Govt of India advertisements like ‘Clean India’ etc, also do not reflect the diversity of skin colours of India. Even BBC a channel of Britain, has due share of dark skinned personnel to reflect its global character.Brazilians just fall for Indian dark-skin and one of my Brazilian friends remarked on seeig a dark Indian girl’Oh,she would cause a traffic jam in our country roads !’

DARK IS BEAUTIFUL The Great Indian Prejudice

All Colours Are Equal !

While all colours are created by God ,as a matter of fact,we need to understand that dark skin is scientifically superior in quality, as it is rich in melanine pigment and fair skin is weak skin, for absence of the pigment.In other words ‘dark’ is ‘presence’ and ‘white’ is absence. African skin is uniform,tough and resistant to all infection,wear and tear.”Karu’in Tamil,which became ‘Kali’ in  Hindi and ‘Kera’ in Greek ,means’rich or full’.’Karunadu’ means  ‘rich/fertile land’.This is the reason why Indian gods are shown as ‘dark’ and ‘ghost’ is shown as’white’.So let us understand that ‘dark’ is not inferior as it is made out to be.Let all Indians join together and fight against this divisive colour prejudice in the national interests and treat all colours with same respect.

By Sundar A.S

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