Probably the first time in recent history, a new party , the Aam Aadmi Party , is playing the political nukkad drama and that too very effectively

We have seen many street (Nukkad) dramas for awareness of social causes. If we look it at conventionally, the purpose of these nukkad dramas are to raise social awareness and bring back the focus to issues like girl child abortion, awareness about aids, equality of woman in society, etc.

Political dramas are also not new in politics. We have accomplished political drama artists like Lalu Prasad Yadav , Karunanidhi & family and others. Even national party leaders such as Rahul Gandhi from Congress, Modi from BJP indulge in such acts be it having occasionally food at a dalit residence or be it playing chaiwala to emotionally appeal to particular sections of the voters.

Aam Aadmi Party The Great Political Nukkad Dramas   Readers Voice

Probably the first time in recent history, a new party is playing the political nukkad drama and that too very effectively. Everybody will admit that AAP leader, Arvind Kejariwal and his party is a great dramatist, which has already been pointed out by sections of the media. The intent is different though – If we compare with other political dramas those are for political gains over rivals. Whereas, AAP’s nukkad dramas are to bring the political and social issues to forefront. This is widely evident with Arvind’s philosophy – “We are not against Congress or BJP; but the corruption, quality of leaders reaching the assemblies/parliaments and the system which serves the purpose of some section of (corrupt?) people”.

If we see Arvind’s nukkad dramas, be it like taking on Home Ministry with sleeping in the streets of New Delhi, be it resigning from Government for Lokpal bill introduction, be it sleeping at platform with his team during UP rallies or be it the Gujarat study tour – Its directed to bring the focus in from the hypocrisy of political parties, nexus between parties-babus-businessmen-media , corrupt system created with unconstitutional rules, shining campaigns of governance and developments without substance as they claim. Although some of the nukkad dramas like sleeping on the platform are forced on them having so much less funding at disposal, bringing the sad truth of current state of politics , money and power is driving the politicians and the country and not the inclusive growth or India’s people.

The Gujarat study tour was one of the best orchestrated nukkad drama, tearing apart BJPs tall claims of development and governance, educating people of the nation not to believe on propaganda run through huge rallies and advertisements but to check the truth on a factual basis. And the masterstroke was to prepare the list of questions related to Gujarat development and try to reach out to Modi for answers, bringing out the phony claims of our political parties – and accountability towards the common man.

What remains to be seen is, do the people of India consider it as yet another nukkad drama and forget it, OR take lessons from it to raise themselves to their duties(towards nation and society) being vigilant and making their representative accountable? Do our leaders(from all parties) start truly representing to the WILL of people, serve the people or keep acting as rulers – unaccountable , unchecked and unanswerable?

By Shirish Ghatge

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