Here is a checklist for those who grew up with an annoying brother; more particularly an annoying older brother

More than once I have heard my 10 year old hiss about her 8 year old sibling iss ko paida kyon kiya – clearly my older offspring has very little appreciation for her younger sibling. While this dismays me, it also makes me cast my mind back to my own childhood and my feelings for my own sibling growing up: nearly 8 years older than me, I don’t recall too many moments of fond affection and appreciation between my annoying brother and me when growing up.

With the exception of the ritualized affection that Raksha Bandhan forced upon us each year, we pretty much hated each other’s guts growing up. The fact that we are friends now as adults is not because of our growing up years but in spite of them!

1.     Breaking Toys

laughing Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherThere is actually documentary evidence of this I confess: a picture of me with my brother’s cherished red bus – broken! I had broken it.

2.     Making the Sister Cry

sad Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherA special name of ridicule, a particular name that causes her tears of rage. Ignoring her when she’s trying to catch his attention, being flippant about something that she cherishes…. There are many ways that brothers have of making their little sisters cry – some ways even more satisfying than others.

3.     Snitching on the Brother

crying Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherIf the brother can make his sister cry, she too has ways of retaliating. Carrying tales to the doting dad; getting brother into trouble… I had been guilty of this on too many occasions to count.

4.     Disturbing Your Sibling

temper tantrum Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherThere is a special joy in disturbing a sibling – sing a silly song repeatedly, making an irritating should with the back and forth rocking of a creaky chair, keep tapping that pencil on the table… so many wonderful, enjoyable ways to make someone’s life miserable; specially if that someone is a sibling.

5.     Snatching Stuff

snatching Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherI may not even like milk chocolate, but I want it! Why? Because my brother wants it of course! Nothing renders something more desirable than the fact that my sibling wants it! The way that siblings can fight over stuff, anyone may think they’re made to suffer penury at home!

6.     “Is There Water on the Moon, Do You Think?”

evil laugh Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherI remember my brother enlivening more than one sleepless night simply by disturbing me: “Do you think restaurateurs eat in their restaurants or at home?” “Do you think our neighbour’s fridge is broken?” Any random thought is good enough to disturb the peaceful slumber of a sister.

7.     Snoopingsnooping Growing Up With an Annoying Brother

If some judicious snooping reveals a sibling’s well kept secret, well that is a privilege that siblings are entitled to!

8.     Blackmail!

fighting Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherThe snooping can reveal some very valuable information and even perhaps some fodder for blackmail as well. “Do my chores for a week or else….”

9.     Embarrassing Your Sibling in Front of Their Friends

amused Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherThere is a special joy in telling your sister’s friends that she is still afraid of the dark. She on the other hand revels in telling her brother’s friends about an embarrassing crush he had a while back.

10.Pretending to Speak to Someone Else

siblings sticking out toungue at each other Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherYour parents have forbidden you from speaking to each other – because you cannot speak without fighting. So how do you tell your brother that you hate his guts? Well you speak to your imaginary friend, a doll or other inanimate object, of course! The message has to go across.

11.The Joy of Repetition

embarrasing Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherIt isn’t what you say, anything you say can be irritating as long as you repeat it enough number of times. Who knows that better than a younger or older brother!

12.The Joy of Ignoring

ignoring Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherYou cannot hear a thing, possibly because you stuffed earphones into your ear for some deafening Deep Purple or because you’re simply pretending selective deafness because you’re working Oh-so-hard…. The joy of ignoring your sibling while he or she works themselves up into a frenzy of rage can give the purest satisfaction.

13.Presenting a United Front

dont mess with my brother Growing Up With an Annoying BrotherFighting, name-calling, spewing venom at each other, it’s all par for the course when it’s only between siblings. Brother and sister can be each others’ worst enemies, but the minute external aggression is sensed, siblings can unite into a formidable team. Fiercely protective of each other, the brother and sister bond can manifest itself the minute someone threatens one or the other of a brother-sister duo.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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