Bihar was right to dethrone Lalu and elect Nitish as their reprsentative. Bihar is once again right to have chosen Nitish again.

Recently I visited my native place in North Bihar. During my fortnight stay there I got privilege to share the opinions with several locals there. I also traveled to my nearby villages in the radius of about thirty km. On the outset I must appreciate the Bihari to have crowned Nitish Kumar once again. There are several questions for his alliance with Lalu who are synonymous with corruption & jungle Raj. But Bihari perhaps trusted Nitish not Lalu. Secondly they voted in favor of development nine years of Nitish rule.

bihar Growth Of Bihar
I will start from in fracture structure which is the prime condition for composite development. Road network has been developed in the entire state that too with good quality. Rarely any village has been left with good road. Quality has been maintained in which symptoms of minimum corruption are seen in road construction.PM Bajaipee said “In Bihar it is difficult to find whether road is in crater or crater is in road”. Now Bihar is blessed with quality roads perhaps best in north India. Power is another factor for development. I experienced that at least twenty to twenty two hours power is available in remote villages unlike Jharkhand where even industrial towns merely get fourteen to eighteen hours power. Law & order is another factor for development. Nitish had put thousands of bad elements behind the bar. One can freely move in 24×7. These three factors put Nitish in the line of best chief minister of India. What he did cannot be compared with western states or southern states as because Bihar had reached at the bottom of the sea during Lalu Rabari region.

Nitish Kumar W Sharad Yadav Growth Of Bihar

The development of Bihar has been also recognized by NITI Aayog. In its recent report it has been revealed that Bihar has developed at the rate of 17.06% during 2014-15. We can say that Bihar has reached  a milestone on the path of development from where,there is a need for next stage growth measures. Since Bihar is one of the states having highest youth population, Nitish will have to fulfill the aspiration of the youths. Lavatory is the biggest challenge in our country where seventy percent population uses the land under the sky for their nature fresh. But Nitish provided the same years back. But most of them are not using the same may be due to little education.
There is dark side of Nitish work too. He appointed Siksha Mitra in different schools. They are being well paid but almost zero contribution towards the education. One of the reasons is their poor quality of education. One can say that they are getting pension without contribution. It is strange that quake type teachers one can find on each nook & corner of the villages. Parents & guardians are very much conscious towards education but government school has zero contribution. Nitish should look into it. One side,these teachers are proved unproductive & on the other side they are burden to exchequer.

Health is another grey area which needs immediate attention. Either no doctor or even if some doctor have been posted in primary health center they are rarely available, which revealed with inter action with the villagers. Migration of manpower is the great problem in Bihar. As per one survey,fifty percent of workable population has been migrated so far. There is a great potentiality to provide employment locally. There were more than 30 sugar mills in Bihar & all of them had been closed. If the same are revived it will provide lacs of employment.

Fisheries, Makhana, & Paintings are other areas where imminence potentiality is there. Simply scientific techniques can bring miracle in these sectors. Bihar is made of mainly indo gangtic plain which is most fertile land on the globe. But due to lack of irrigation system & poor water management sometimes agriculture  suffers due to flood or drought. Nitish will have to develop all these areas. It is expected that he will not bent in front bad elements & will achieve the next steps of development which he can do as now he has got good pitch.

Nitish Kumar Growth Of Bihar
Lastly it may be not out of place to talk about food security scheme in Bihar. I was surprised to found that well affluent family is getting subsidized food items. Even those whose family has been migrated are getting the same. Their near family members or friends use to sell the grains in the market. Government should ensure that only needy persons that too physically present are enjoying these benefits. Money so saved can be invested on health, sanitation, & education.

By Dr. Dinesh Mitra

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