Sharad Pawar’s latest tweet likening Modi to Adolf Hitler just goes to show how much of a dire need we are in for substantial electoral reforms.

“Someone is dreaming to become Hitler in this country. We shouldn’t allow such forces to succeed. We must foil his attempt in this elections,” Sharad Pawar tweeted.

The venom continued from other Congress Sources

Modi Hitler Did Gujarat Vote for Hitler Four Times?

From @manoj_gujar – A Congress Twitter Troll

People don’t dream of becoming Hitler, Mr. Pawar. But yes, People DO keep dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister even when they are in their 70s and 80s. And I wonder: Is this not insulting the electorate of Gujarat? Who elected Narendra Modi four times as their leader? Did they vote for Hitler? A Fascist? At least don’t insult the intelligence of the voters.

What are they hiding?

Why don’t these politicians debate on India’s serious issues? In the 21st century, they are not listening to the young voters and what he or she wants from their elected government. They keep talking 24 X 7 only about Narendra Modi but not about what they did themselves in last 60 years for this country? For how long will these politicians keep fooling the people?

Imagine, we live in Mumbai city and its suburbs and still do not have 24 X 7 365 days power and water?  We pay road taxes but the roads are bad.  Safety of women is pathetic in Mumbai and there is always a threat to life for the man on the street because of terror attacks. Our police is not well equipped nor sensitive to the common people. But who cares? It is important for these politicians to play their communal politics for votes  during elections. They are not concerned and also do not feel ashamed for what they have done to this country in the last 67 years. We have no power, drinking water, good roads and prices of every commodity are so high that for a common man; living life has become hell. But who cares?

What are these politicians  talking about? Are they trying to settle their own scores and fill their bank accounts? How? By insulting the intelligence of common people? Why don’t they talk about pathetic state of this country? Look at our rural conditions: No drinking water, no power, no roads, no transport, no medical facilities, no schools and if the schools are there, then no teachers. Farmers are ending their lives in Lacs? Grains on the other hand are rotting in open under the sun or rains because Congress and NCP government has not built proper covered stores? The same is the situation in Health and Education.

Who is responsible for this pathetic state of affairs?  Narendra Modi? BJP? The People of India? Or politicians like Sharad Pawar, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi? They simply keep misleading people of this country on secular communal politics.

They are forgetting, this time in national elections, they are faced with young voters who are not interested in communal and secular propaganda but what you can do for them, their future, on developmental programs, on corruption at all levels in governance. Talk about that they are saying. Not about Narendra Modi.

We need reforms

We certainly need to have electoral reforms as a top priority in this critical political situation where these age old politicians who are in power for the last 50, 60 70 years have messed up this country with their self serving politics. They have become millionaires and billionaires only because they are in politics for years. The electoral Reforms at this stage to cut the rot, the criminals from politics are a need of the hour. They can include: a maximum AGE bar, minimum education in social politics, all those wanting to enter electoral politics must pass exams on general knowledge, country’s social and cultural history, Geography and knowledge of our Constitution.

Those who are over age, politicians who refuse to move ahead with time, who do not understand the new young voter mindset, who do not understand 21st century challenges and who are self serving politicians have no business being in governance and they should should be disqualified. They keep playing their old communal politics thinking voters can be easily fooled by saying, so and so is communal, fascist, divisive, dreaming of becoming Hitler. Let voters decide that. Why don’t they talk of issues that impact the lives of common people? Who is interested in your communal politics? If Narendra Modi is communal minded, divisive, fascist – then voters are intelligent to understand who is what. They will vote him out. Your talking about Modi 24 X 7 means, you are diverting from the main issues of governance and development. Since you have failed to deliver when you were in government, and you do not have anything to talk about your own performance, achievements, you all are talking about Modi, Modi and Modi.

How do you think you can convince your young voters to vote for you so dishonestly and expect their support? You are exposing your political dishonesty yourself. Do not expect young voters to vote for you. They are all smart and can’t be easily fooled.

By Ajay Angre

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