Chanakya and Samrat Bindusar are on an important trip, Sushim is throwing his atrocities on Ashoka but Chanakya has no idea at all – Where are his guptchar?

Chanakya and Samrat Binduar are away from Pataliputra in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial. The duo is on their way to an important work and will not return for quite some days as they have to go to Ujjain also. In such a situation they have allotted a temporary Samrat in place of Samrat Bindusar. This Samrat is none other than Rajkumar Sushim who with the help of Mahmatya Khalatak gets the throne by defeating  Rajkumar Ashok.

ashoka chanakya How come there is No Guptchar of Chanakya In Pataliputra to Update Him & Samrat Bindusar?

Rajkumar Sushim Is Punishing Rajkumar Ashok

Acharya Chanakya always keeps his guptchar alert and on the run, so it is amusing to see that there is no guptchar of Chanakya present in the palace to keep a watch on Rajkumar Ashok in the absence of Chanakya and Samrat bindusar, Rajkumar Sushim has started his atrocities against the people and Rajkumar Sushim but Chanakya and Samrat are totally clueless as they are outside.

sushim ashoka How come there is No Guptchar of Chanakya In Pataliputra to Update Him & Samrat Bindusar?

Now when Chanakya has the habit of spreading his guptchar everywhere who keeps on informing him time and again, this angle seems to be unbelievable and a big blunder to logic. Till now, the serial Ashoka inspite being totally fictional was quite interesting as none of the plots lacked logic. However, Samrat and Chanakya having no clue about the torture of Rajkumar Sushim is a bit silly because Chankya’s men would surely keep a watch on the royal palace to safeguard them in times of need.

Rajkumar Sushim Is Hitting and Beating Ashoka

Even Samrat Bindusar doesn’t hit and beat people being a ruler. However, Rajkumar Sushim is beating a Rajkumar, hitting him in front of everybody and even taking his rights. Now, so much wrong is being done to Ashoka but both Chanakya and Samrat have no clue about it. It is just a drag because the serial only informed us and enlightened us about the network of spies Chanakya had.

ashoka serial How come there is No Guptchar of Chanakya In Pataliputra to Update Him & Samrat Bindusar?

If Chanakaya can know everything about the outside world, how come he has no spies in the palace to check on Rajkumar Ashok, to see what he is facing through, and to check on the corrupted officers appointed by Mahamatya and Rajkumar Sushim. Logically, we assume both Chanakya and Samrat Bindusar should have known everything on what’s cooking inside the palace – Right from the whipping scene, to Ashok’s kidnapping, his unfortunate death and his return in the palace as well. Unfortunately, the duo know nothing as they are on an important work.

From the start Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial has been an interesting serial however this particular plot is a bit too much because it is not matching the standards set up by the makers themselves. It lacks logic, appears surreal, and is a bit too much for us to digest the fact that Chanakya and Samrat Bindusar left the palace with a temporary Samrat without surrounding him with a network of reliable spies at that stage when it didn’t even have a senapati. Akramak is not officially declared as senapati though he is doing same things like Mir.

What do you think about this plot?

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