Last week the world welcomed the news of neutralization of the notorious Taliban Commander of Pakistan Hakimullah Mehsud

The Holy Koran says : “Alhamdo Lillahe Rabbul Alemeen.” I pray God who is the sustainer of the whole world. The verse and message includes all races, all religions and all the human beings and living nonliving objects. I am a Muslim and I believe there is no God but ONE and only ONE. I believe in the Divine Books and in the Day of Judgment. And the Holy Book emphasizes that there is no compulsion in religion. Almighty Allah is alone the authority – the arbiter of every soul.

All rituals, beliefs, practices, dissensions and technicalities adopted by individuals are personal choices. These are O.K. as long as affect me NOT. I’m not responsible for the deed of others and my God would never hold me responsible for the misdeeds of others. I follow what appeals to my understanding of Islam or not and I’m not entitled to force my views upon any other soul. This is my religion and this is nothing but common sense.

In the modern world violence and barbarism is perpetuated in the name of religion that is based on ignorance and inhumanity. We do not want to meet the challenge; we fight shy to face this ignorance; we’re afraid to catch the bull by the horns; we are afraid of isolation, ostracization and humiliation by the surrounding society; we are afraid to point out of the real culprits who are destroying the delicate fabric of our society. Real shame upon us for letting things come to such a pretty pass. Islam condemns every violation of human rights. Muslim rights, Hindu rights and Christian rights are all but human rights. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to stand up against this perversion of our religions where hatred is the name of game. For one who takes an innocent life will never be forgiven on the Day of Judgment.
Hakimullah Mehsud The End of Hakimullah Mehsud

The subject of this write-up is ‘Taleban’ and the end of Hakimullah Mehsud – a dreaded Talibani fighter of Pakistan who was killed a couple of days ago. But before a take upon him it would be justified if we discuss the birth and rise of Taliban. I could recall the aftermath of Russian Occupation when large number of Afghanis had crossed the borders and entered Pakistan and Iran to escape the civil war? Their genesis of Taleban lies in the armed Afghan religious school students set up in refugee camps in Pakistan. Those refugee camps and religious schools were funded by the Wahabis of Middle East Kingdoms. The concentration of refuges was more in FATA (the Pakistani “Federally Administered Tribal Areas”). This was a border area with Pushtun tribes. With the flood of Dollars and Petrodollars in their country, Pakistanis were adopting the Wahabi ideology quickly. They were renouncing the Indian Sufi tolerant Islam. This new school of thought imparted the merciless TAKFIRI doctrine to BOAST the RIGHT to kill anyone, not willing to follow your ideology, in the name of Islam. Helpless, misplaced and poor Afghan youth were brainwashed to do the bidding of religious fanatics. These young boys were called Taliban and they followed the dictates of Najd, a dangerous philosophy – a very conservative form of Islam. Taliban had also gotten these religious attitudes from Saudi Salafi preachers and religious scholars. Saudi royals and religious charities dedicated to the spread of Wahabism sent the sophisticated weapons to Afghanistan and Pakistan and got them trained by Pakistan army. They entered back their country now as a well organized dedicated force and defeated or absorbed the rest of Afghan factions. Taliban ruled the country for six years, until the United States came to the aid of the remaining anti-Taliban factions (the Northern Alliance) in late 2001. The Taliban were out of power within two months. They were defeated but not destroyed. And they are back again – recharged and motivated, to kill and rule.

Islamic world had always maintained and studied nonchalance and unexplained neutrality for the Radical Islam. We are witnessing the transition resulting from this as anarchy is spreading at alarming rate in the Muslim world in particular and world in general. What was once thought to be the theological or isolated problem about conservative and liberal Islam is now a full blown world problem.

American fire power tamed them for the time being as the US might was no match to their limited fighting abilities. These Taleban successfully killed few American and European soldiers but their favorite victims were Hazara Shia Muslims. The organized brutal attack of Taleban forced hundreds of Shia families freeze to death while fleeing their villages during winters. During its reign, the Taliban wreaked destruction and on as many Hazara Shia communities as they could. Scores of Shia villages were totally destroyed and their people killed or left to search for shelter from the harsh environment of the Hindu Kush Mountains. These Hazara tribes had protected the Buddhist treasures in Bamiyan for a thousand years.

They live in central Afghanistan and their land is referred as Hazarajat. They often migrated to Kabul looking for work-sets and took jobs that other groups refused – as bearers, street sweepers and other common laborers. These jobs were referred to as “Hazara occupations.” Readers know well what these Talebans did to the ancient statues of Buddha. News from Pakistan remind every week how Taliban have gone about slaughtering their fellow-Muslims, especially in targeting the Shias of Peshawar, Karachi, Kurram and Dera Ismail Khan. Talebans are prevailing over Pak army which is more or less radicalized and this kind of Talibanization has been happening in the rest of the country. The Pakistani governments have been unwilling or unable to stop religious violence which has defamed the conflict-torn country.

Last week the world welcomed the news of neutralization of the notorious Taliban Commander of Pakistan Hakimullah Mehsud. He was a ferocious strategist and he was killed when a missile struck his compound in a village of North Waziristan. His death has been misreported several times in the past but CIA and informants in the tribal area are more confident this time. “He was targeted as he was returning to his home from a nearby mosque where he had been holding discussions with his comrades,” said a military officer based in a city close to the semi-autonomous Federally Administered Tribal Areas, which is home to many Islamist terrorist groups.”He was right at his front door and at least three missiles were fired.”

A Pakistani Taliban fighter said on Saturday Mehsud’s body was “damaged but recognizable.” Mehsud’s four year tenure as head of Pakistan’s most feared militant group has been marked by horrific attacks that have killed scores of soldiers, government officials and civilians.

Here is a lesson for us to learn. Religion of hate will devour everything that we hold so dear. We cannot let it thrive. Whether our approach is Hindutva, Islamic or secular, the principles of justice should remain the same for all of us. United we can achieve the impossible. Our faiths give us hope and hope gives strength. May God help us to face the RELIGIOUS menace in our own country. Jai Hind !

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Image Source: Hakimullah Mehsud

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