Our fairness cream makers egg on hard to influence both mean and women use fairness creams. Is white skin an important attribute one should have?

A baffling news-item was carried out with the headline, “Newly married woman murdered her hubby for not being handsome”! Just a week after her marriage that 22-year-old wedded woman killed her husband by smashing her head with a stone grinding. Was the husband too frail to oppose his wife’s knock? 

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There indeed took place a quarrel as the reports spelt out but a weaker sex seemed to have overpowered the youthful man in course of squabble. This story was more or less comparable with the TV serial “Behad” story. The reports also indicated that the woman coming out of her house cried that someone had killed her husband. However, she was later arrested on the charge of killing his husband.

Was she upset with his external facial look? He was supposed to be not handsome as she desired her husband should be. Was he not using fairness cream? Was he not aware of his personal appearance? Was he not conscious of woman’s view in regard to man? Was he so rustic? Lately, one politician has excited people’s profound interest over the colour discrimination. Citing an example of Southern part of the country, he emphasized how could the state exist if we disliked people on the colour? We knew it so well how Nelson Mandela had organised a whole movement against the racial discrimination. We also are cognizant of the piece of information of how devoted are our fairness making companies in changing not-so-handsome male’s look?

Taking a prompt hint from the catchy marketing strategies by these business concerns, a Bollywood actor Abhay Deol has also jumped into the fire by uttering of the country’s adherence to no bias on colour policy. He has even justified his points in a satirical style by sharing pictures of actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Ileana D’Cruz, Deepika Padukone and actors like Siddarth Malhotra and Shahrukh Khan.

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Simply a domestic quarrel caused this fatal incident. Being a young woman her anger was out of the way. They did not care about the dire consequences. They considered what were followed by them was not unsuitable practically. Though there were a whole lot of women commonly concurring with the point of the man’s face was not imperative at the first instance. What remained most vital was the man’s income. That’s why they were found to be maintaining their face value on their husbands’ hard-earned money. That ill-fated man was also a wood sculptor. How unlucky & star-crossed he was! 


Voice Of Ram  Handsomeness Is Not A New Benchmark For Men

The bounteous nature ingrained in him a super skill for preparing attractive things but snatched from him the fortune of good looks. She started hating him because she thought him not a perfect match for her. The Hollywood actress might have thought similarly when Einstein had suggested her to marry him. Thereupon, she rejected his proposal on the scientist’s bad looks.    

By Shakeel Ahmad 

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