There shouldn’t be any line between juvenile and rapist. A rapist, even if a juvenile, must be mercilessly hanged to death.

It has to be accepted — That although our legal system was probably framed with a view to giving youngsters a chance or opportunity to reform themselves after a period of incarceration in a ” REFORM HOME/ INSTITUTION ” — But we must accept that at 16 – 17 years of age a young male person is already physically an adult — capable of rational thought and also getting a woman pregnant.

adult crime by juvenile deserves adult punishment not leniency india opines Hang The Brute
My personal opinion in this case is is if you are capable ” knowingly ” of forcibly having sex with a woman like an adult,  you bear the consequences of your actions like an adult male,  YES, your sentence. Penalty should be on par with that of an adult male who has committed the crime, to put it in harsher or sort of slang terms.

Juvenile Justice SYSTEM Hang The Brute

If you want to poke like an adult, then accept the penalty that comes as a result of your crime.
No personally I do not accept the excuse of age for these crimes against women and children !!! Hang the brute !!!!

Hang the rapists Hang The Brute

By Fergus Misquitta

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