Our young generation is pushed to such an extent that they nonchalantly suicide and sadly, not their death upset us but amuse us and discuss it.

Sometimes it becomes hard or almost impossible to ink down your own words, you may get filled with thousands of thoughts and countless  questions, but you find no answers at all. You find unidentified gap between your thought and reality. This is what I feel when I came to know about Rohit Vemula, a doctoral student at University of Hyderabad, who is in news not because of his academic achievement but because of his death i.e suicide which he committed last Sunday. A nature loving boy said good bye to the nature untimely as he found no place for himself in this nature made society.

What he did at last is that he wrote a letter, law of the land called it suicide letter but after going through it I found it a mercy letter for those who are responsible for brutal killing of upcoming future (Rohit). As he has written that I find growing gap between my body and soul, it clearly shows that the society and surrounding which are responsible for making bridge between the soul and body of a youth instead of bridging the gap washes away all the pillars which support the bridge and let  Rohit shrink in sorrow bit by bit and let him die, with all their eyes open like watching something interesting and amusing. Though Rohit finally died on Sunday but the process started much earlier, his friends and enemy were enjoying it and now with their crocodile tears, they tries to make difference.

India Suicide Web  01 The Hanging Noose Around The Countrys Youth

Difference in ideology is nothing new, it is the very nature of human being and its civilization and when it comes to our(Indian) society, it is inherent in our history as well as blood and air. Like every other student, Rohit too was interested in socio-political issues beside his studies. To which ideology he belongs to and to whom he adores is none of my business at least here. Whether his act was nationalist or were anti-nationalist is the subject to be determined by the law of land and not by the individual holding red or saffron flag.

Here what I am concerned about  is that  why Rohit was killed and especially by whom and for whom he was in confrontation with this society and system. Today we find lakhs of hand rising for bringing justice to Rohit, who is no more today. When he was here, no-one was with him and he fought his personal war and was finally awarded death. Rohit met a planed death plotted by his Dronacharya-like  mates and supported by this disguise society , this so called caste, creed, clan and the lineage.

Since our childhood we were taught that our surrounding nurtures our future, so we should keep ourselves in worthy surrounding. Rohit too did the same when he was in one of the India’s prestigious university, but unfortunately he was surrounded with such a set of mind, which never lead him think of self.

Self  interested Dronacharya and mates used him as a tool. Its a bitter truth that university campus are being used as a tool kit by some dirty Dronacharya. This Rohit is within all of us being a university student I can feel it very well . But this time, question should be raised on this so called youth too, who always proclaim to be self independent and quite competent to take their own decision in all  sphere of life. Is this your decision dear? Today who is saying Rohit Vemula “amar rahe” never care for his  healthy life.

We are being drained by some witty dirty Drona’s who seems to be our sympathizer, actually they have to bake their bread on our funeral and nothing more then that. Conflict of opinion is  undeniable in human nature but it should be used for creating alternative and not for killing own-self. Being an educated youth, we need to understand the motive of such Dronas.

They have nothing to do with your life Rohit, they are not interested in knowing that how a nature loving boy was and why he said good bye to the nature forever, left thousand of unanswered question before this society which I am very sure they all know but no will give it, as it’s the base of their business. It was you and we who can bring but you left the journey in mid way. Either we have to learn a lesson from it or be ready for becoming next Rohit. I doesn’t matter whatever flag you are holding.

By Diwakar Jha


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