Anjana will soon head off to Swarag leaving behind her son Hanuman and her husband Kesari. Here are things that we will miss badly in Sony TV Hanuman

It’s been weeks since both Urvashi and Lord Indra came and warned Anjana to be back in the Swarg. While, Anjana doesn’t want to leave her husband Kesari and kid Hanuman, she is forced to be back as soon as possible because of the curse. Worst, she can’t even meet her husband for the last time because he has to go urgently and help the neighboring kingdom.

Unfortunately though we know that Anjana would be compelled to leave Lord Hanuman one day, we as viewers are feeling very bad as the day is nearing closer and closer mainly because we are in love with the bond and chemistry shared by Anjana (Barka Bisht) and her boy Hanuman (Ishan Bhanushali)

They appear as if they are Real Life Mother Son

Barkha Bisht is just phenomenal as Anjana, the mother of Hanuman. What’s more, the way the two connect with each other is just amazing. Yes, it looks so real that one mistakes them to be mother-son in real life too. We are sure that we will miss them badly post the separation.

363724 barkha bisht at sankat mochan mahabali hanuman launch in mumbai Reasons Why We Will Miss Hanuman and Anjana’s Bonding

The Love and Attachment

While, all the mothers love their children unconditionally, the bond between Hanuman and Anjana shown on TV is quite special. The reason being Hanuman is quite an experiential and notorious child but is quite concerned about his mother’s reaction ensuring that he doesn’t hurt her anyhow. In addition, when he starts buttering her, she melts down immediately.

barkha bisht anjana Reasons Why We Will Miss Hanuman and Anjana’s Bonding

The Way Hanuman Tries to Manao Anjana

We all know how Hanuman won’t stop helping people no matter how tough the situations are even when his mother try to make him understand that he is too small for everything. However, Hanuman very skillfully fights with all the problems bravely and in the end returns to ask forgiveness from his mother. These sights often pleased us and made us emotional. No wonder, we are going to miss it badly.

young hanuman sony tv Reasons Why We Will Miss Hanuman and Anjana’s Bonding

Anjana’s Insecurity When Hanuman Pleads her to Fight the Demons

Every time Sumeru is in danger, the Yuvraj wants to be the messiah trying to fight it out with the demon singlehandedly. Though he can easily wipe off the demon, Anjana being a mother doesn’t want her little kid to face it all. She is insecure, emotional and very protective about him though she is aware how strong he is. This make us go ‘Aww’ each time we see her and Hanuman in the same frame.

anjana hanuman mother Reasons Why We Will Miss Hanuman and Anjana’s Bonding

The Way they Think about Each Other

Every time Anjana has to do something, the first thing she thinks about how it will effect Hanuman same goes with Hanuman. However, now that they will be separated we wonder what will be their reaction. Surely the two will miss each other badly but since it is a TV show, more than them we will miss these things.

sankat mochan mahabali hanumaan3 Reasons Why We Will Miss Hanuman and Anjana’s Bonding

Barkha Bisht and Ishan have portrayed the role exceptionally well so much that one of the best part of Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman is their close bonding. We just hope after her departure, we get to witness such strong bond between Hanuman and Lord Rama. However, even in that case, we are going to miss Anjana and Hanuman’s loving bond.

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