Leading men in Bollywood no longer seem to have chest hair. Why?

I don’t want to bore you with scientific explanations of androgenic hair and vellus hair, except to say that grown men are supposed to sport the former. Men are designed by nature (don’t ask me why, I’m just an opinionated blogger, ergo not an expert at anything at all) to have androgenic or body hair – on the chest, arms, legs and er… let’s just leave it there – the chest, arms and legs. And yet, if Bollywood is to be believed, we would think that the male of our species has evolved away from this natural hirsuteness and is now devoid of all visible androgenic hair.

Ranveer sight and Arjun Kapoor in Gunday Whatever Happened to Chest Hair in Bollywood?Bollywood’s leading men these days are ruthlessly shorn of all visible body hair. Head hair is carefully coifed and even minutely manicured facial hair is very much in, but hair on the chest? God Forbid! Check out any recent movie posters, promos and videos – sure we see the women, but it’s the guys who are preening for us wherever we care to glance. Shirtless or sporting eye-popping cleavage – girls move over, it’s the guys giving us the eyeful these days.

It’s those six pack abs that are to blame

It used to be that one needed to be nice looking and needed to be able to emote well enough to make it as an actor. Now there is another prerequisite – six pack abs (some of them seem to have 8 packs – is that anatomically possible I wonder?). Everyone and his cousin now sports chiseled, defined, ripped and perfectly polished abs, pecs, biceps, et el.

ranveer singh in ramleela Whatever Happened to Chest Hair in Bollywood?Ranveer Singh famously worked hard to create the body much on display for Ram Leela. He and Arjun Singh further displayed their respective abs and pecs in Gunday.

New kid on the block Tiger Shroff also felt duty bound to work hard to create the body very much on display now for his upcoming May release, Heropanti. Even film promos are attended in cleavage baring tops and barely there shirts!tiger shroff in heropanti Whatever Happened to Chest Hair in Bollywood?

The naturally lean Ranbir Kapoor has recently jumped on to the beef-up bandwagon – he will soon be seen sporting the regulation 6 pack in his upcoming film Bombay Velvet starring him and Anushka Sharma which will release at the end of this year.

Ranbir Singh Bombay Velvet Whatever Happened to Chest Hair in Bollywood?

Is Salman Khan to blame?

Salman Khan is of course our original topless hero. Most of us remember this old ditty – O O Jane Jana from the film Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya. After that we got to see Salman divest himself of his shirt at every excuse – even without any excuse… every film of his now features his bare, well defined, oil-slicked chest in full Hi-Def.

Or is it SRK?

And then of course we had Shah Rukh Khan famously develop his six pack for Om Shanti Om which he then felt compelled to display in its full glory. But then SRK can be forgiven for this; his chest is naturally hairless we are told.

Got it? Flaunt it!

If all these guys go to all this trouble to develop those chiseled and defined bodies, evidently they won’t hide their light under a bushel (pun unintended). So it’s become a case of got it, flaunt it.

Akshay Kumar Whatever Happened to Chest Hair in Bollywood?To our great dismay, even naturally hirsute men have decided to dispense with the pesky chest hair – Akshay Kumar, earlier seen resplendent in his manly hirsuteness is now seen divested of his natural pelt. I wish guys had never discovered hair removal products – I am told that hair removal creams (depilatories) are the most popular. I would imagine waxing would be hideously painful and apparently shaving snags and pull the hair and so on and so forth.

Bring back chest hair!

I am reasonably sure that many women echo this sentiment to bring back a more natural look to the male torso in films. Hair is nice, it’s natural and yes, it’s macho! That oiled, slick look… I’m not sure who exactly likes it. So guys by all means sweat it out in the gym, but ditch the epilators and depilatories, do!

By – Reena Daruwalla

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