Life may be unpredictable and surprising but everything that happens may seem unfair for now may turn out to be fair in future.

On last Thursday DT: 18/08/2016 when I got news that the project which I lost in last December was good for me. Swiftly, I went in flash back and Full story about craziness of mine to get this project is started in my mind which makes me to write this article.

I recollect that in those days I  paid my full time efforts for days to get that inquiry cause it was a newly launched company and they were seeing themselves as much potential established company of Europe by their website and establishment structure. On 30thNovember, 2015 when I got a mail from them for that project inquiry I was so happy and replied to client for a meeting and I got an appointment to meet him for further discussion after a week on December 7th, 2015 at 3:00pm. I was happy that I got weeks’ time to study thoroughly regarding project drawing, information and rest of the details. I remember that I  spent full week, full day and nights to study deeply about  the project cause. The file we transferred contained sets of 350pages technical specification sheet, 41 pages BOQ of 2700 small to big equipment & 41 pages for different drawings. After I studied it deeply, I made 7 page long questioners to clarify certain things.

Life is a Gamble Everything Is Happening For Good

I still reminisce that On November 30th, 2015 when I received inquiry from them in my mailbox for turnkey solution of kitchen project, I  felt like I was in sky with wings anchored along.  After checking full project details for 2-3 hours as a sales manager, quick calculations were started in my mind that if I get this project, I can generate good amount of commission and also can generate my good market name as to be a part of one of the biggest project.

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