You go to Pizza Hut & splurge 500 rupees happily, but when it comes to giving Rs. 10 to the poor, you think it’s a waste?

The moment traffic light goes red, he made a beeline for the car and tried to persuade people to buy the roses. Kids like him don’t seem to give a second thought to the fact that it’s chilling cold around, all they are looking for is the maximum sold roses.

street kid roses happinees Happiness Is In Small Things

We find love in roses, for them, it’s their life.

We buy and throw things after using them just once, but they, they pick up those things with eternal happiness and wear them dancing around as if they have won a lottery worth a crore rupee. These kids belong to the extremely poor section of our society, and we, the so called elegant part of the society sitting in the cars just shoo them away or sometimes pour a spate of angry words, not giving a single penny and wondering that talking to them or touching them might lessen our status. Really!

You go to Pizza Hut and you will splurge 500 rupees very easily and happily, but when it comes to give a single 10 rupee note to the poor, you think it’s a waste of money!

Deft in their dancing skills, they dance in front of our cars just to earn some money, you give them a 5 rupee coin and they will be happier than ever; they will then go in front of some other car and start dancing, not even complaining for that small amount. Some fellow members of mine, oblivious of their condition, don’t even bother to give 5 rupees. Well after earning 50k a month, if you can’t spend 5 rupees on that poor kid, then you nowhere stand above a mason or a daily wage labour. Sometimes the kids even slump to the floor, and we don’t even step out of our cars to lift them up. Well that’s shame.

I would request you all to ponder on this issue because: We wait for the air to get pervaded by the spring, but for them, spring comes every night, when they eat stomach full of meal, which is a luxury for them.

By: Sandhya Rikhari

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