I’d like to bring to you the a few reasons to why the country will continue to celebrate Diwali the way it always has been celebrated.

Oh, come first week of November, and you know that all of India has just one topic to discuss- the festival of lights – Diwali.

Diwali Happy Diwali !!

Diwali as we have always known is not just about lighting the traditional lamps, neither has it been about just bursting crackers. Rather, the festival of Diwali is about how one gets to feel ethnicity around him without most people irrespective of where they hail from, wanting to experience how it feels to be a part of the much talked about festival in India.

Not quite long ago, I came across quite an increasing number of posts on the homepage of my profile on a social networking website which had a lot of “environmental activists” who seemingly showed signs of extreme concern about how bursting crackers could pose a hazard to their pets, the stray animals on the streets, old neighbors, vehicles on the road and how it also could prove to be a nuisance to those who wouldn’t be celebrating it. Oh how mainstream, I must say!

Well, as I partially agree to the belief that one mustn’t enjoy at the cost and comfort of another living being, I still can’t seem to decipher why all the concern only arises at the time of celebrating one of the most awaited festivals in India. I mean, how does all the concern for the nature, and neighbors and their pets and the straying dogs and cats culminate only during the festival of Diwali? Are we, as citizens that restricted that we can’t seem to express our concern elsewhere, on the other days of the year that you choose to express all your concern only on Diwali? And if you are under the impression that the intend of my article is to support noisy, potentially hazardous crackers just for celebrating the festival as it has been in since the custom of celebrating the festival can take us, then you are potentially wrong. Instead, through this piece of writing of mine, I’d like to bring to you the a few reasons to why the country will continue to celebrate Diwali the way it always has been celebrated.

  1. The Indian society loves the way it already is. As Indians, we are accustomed to linking celebrations of any kind with a lot of pomp, lights and noise (We are quite a noisy crowd, aren’t we?). So Irrespective of how hard we’d want to put down on the noise and pollution on this day, it’s not going to happen when more than a billion of people from various regions across the country have decided to celebrate it the way it always has been celebrated- with all that over the top pomp and loudness.

  2. Diwali is synonymous to crackers and fireworks. And whilst most of us have expressed our concern on how noisy fireworks and crackers are extremely harmful the fact remains that nobody has taken than extra effort to do something about it so that the concept of noisy fireworks are completely wiped out from the country. And until we start producing noiseless fireworks ONLY then would there be any difference be made to the environment.
  3. As cliché as it may sound, but the truth is, the change you want to see should begin with you. If you truly want a noiseless new age Diwali, you must begin it with making it a point to not burst crackers or only burst noiseless crackers. You could pass on the word with a couple of friends- not a day before but at least a few months in advance so that people get to see the idea behind what you’re trying to convey and choose alternatives, and together you all could contribute to a noiseless, environmental free Diwali. That little step could really make all the difference.  If that’s what you are really looking at.

  4. Diwali to some is incomplete without noisy crackers. So until there’s a law which completely prohibits people from bursting highly noisy crackers in residential areas, you will have to put up with the earth shattering sound. And yes, don’t let your dogs out. Be good, feel good.

  5. When was the last time you said hi to your neighbor? When was the last time you indulged in some great talk with everyone around you? Bursting crackers have a unique feel of spending quality time with your loved ones. It paves ground for socializing and helps you unwind and forget other mundane things which leave you with absolutely no time for your family and loved ones on a regular day. Moreover, it is Diwali, It is India. You can’t help a few things. People are only enjoying, and it happens just once around the year. So is it not only justified to let people be and celebrate, if you can’t fight them, don’t join them. After all, it’s all done in the name of a good time.

Wishing you a Happy Diwali! Stay safe, stay happy!

Image Source: By SubhBy Subharnab Majumdar [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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