One of the most awaited festivals – The festival of color, HOLI – is finally here! Read the colorful post on the festival of colour.

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Happy Holi… The Colors of the Holy fire, Holika Dahan 

One of the most awaited festivals – The festival of color, HOLI – is finally here! This is the last festival of the Hindu calendar before New Year arrives on Gudi Padwa. Trees have begun to smile with their sprout of tender leaves and budding flowers. People are out on the streets shrouded in a mist of blues, reds and greens, powders of all possible colors rejoicing this renewal of nature, the arrival of spring, celebrating all good things in life, celebrating the very spirit of life! Read the beautiful post on the festival of colour.

Vice of Exaggeration

An exclamation mark is vestigial to a sentence that is exciting enough.The need to exaggerate is a travesty of the communication process born out of insecurity of an underlying ulterior motive or from an hapless effort to oversell.It is seldom a secure person’s trait,for it is hard to figure out what these semi-nude actors from PETA campaigns are trying to flaunt more-their love for animals or their photo shopped bodies. A brilliant post on the habit of exaggerating issues and creating sensationalism to articulate views or to achieve some ulterior motives.Do read it.

Confession Of A Generation

A short story that highlights the degeneration of our society, where ‘the future was waiting for the past to come and help their present’.

How to stay Safe Online from Hacking and Viruses

To Protect Yourself or your online account from being hacked, you should first know what is hacking and how to hack. Because if a hacker can hack someone’s account, he can definitely save his form being hacked. Read the post and know the various ways to keep yourself safe from viruses and hacking.

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