It’s all about ‘he said and she said’ in Indian Politics today!

Dec 29, 2014. Kolkata: At a meeting in Purulia’s Jhalda, the BJP leader and district in-charge Shyamapada Mondal used uncomplimentary words against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He was the same foul-mouthed individual who had threatened that hands of TMC activists would be severed if “any more atrocity was committed” on BJP workers for quitting Trinamool Congress.

June 20, 2015. Nawada District, Bihar: a certain MP Choubey from Buxar, allegedly described Sonia Gandhi ‘Putna’ – the mythological demon woman sent by demon king ‘Kansa’ to kill the baby lord Krishna – and Rahul Gandhi a ‘Videshi Tota’ – a foreign parrot on Friday.

indian politics Politicians Play He Said, She Said

What’s Going On?

In his rain of abuses he called Sonia Gandhi a ‘Italy ki Gudiya’ (doll of Italy) and ‘zehar ki pudiya’ (a poisonous pouch), and both — the Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar were sitting in her lap to drink poison. He also named Lalu and Nitish Kumar as ‘Ranga-Billa’ (two notorious criminals sent to gallows in 1982 for assaulting a schoolgirl in Delhi in 1978), who would not be able to stop the BJP from coming to power in Bihar. He is the same patient of mouth disease who had earlier landed himself into a controversy when as the health minister in the Nitish Kumar cabinet in 2012, he gave a call for chopping off doctors’ hands.

sonia gandhi cafe sarovar Politicians Play He Said, She Said

Sonia Gandhi At Cafe Samovar

‘Haramzada and Ramzada’ remark of Sadhwi has been already etched on public memory. And we have Giriraj Singh, also from BJP Bihar who had declared at an event in Hajipur in Bihar in early April 2015, “Had Rajiv Gandhi married a Nigerian and if she (Sonia) was not white-skinned, would the Congress have then accepted her leadership? It is her white skin which has brought her to the helm.”

Only yesterday, Shri Bhawani Singh Rajawat, BJP MLA from the Ladpura assembly constituency in Kota enlightened the public about the negative aspect of using  helmets. The BJP MLA from Rajasthan advised bikers not to wear this life saving gear, arguing that it was uncomfortable. He was speaking at a road safety seminar organized by the Sardar Patel University for Police Security and Criminal Justice on Thursday.  Rajawat said those who did not want to wear helmets were free to do so. He  slammed the police for harassing people in the name of enforcing the helmet rule.

Helmet Politicians Play He Said, She Said

The opposition Congress Party condemned Rajawat’s remarks, calling them an example of mental bankruptcy. The BJP seems to be following a policy of compromising with security of citizens. They have already slashed taxes on tobacco products, relaxed the excise policy to encourage alcoholism and now with this statement by a MLA on helmets not being necessary just completes the circle,” Rajasthan Congress General Secretary, Archana Sharma said.

LK Advani’s Take

And that reminds me of a speech of the then Deputy Prime Minister L. K. Advani at THIRUVANANTHAPURAM on MAY 18, 2003. The Deputy Prime Minister, L. K. Advani, Felicitating the BJP leader, K. Aiyappan Pillai, on his `Navathi’, the Deputy Prime Minister had said that in a democratic polity, politicians and political parties were always under the glare and their shortcomings were seen more sharply. Those who want to change society and contribute to the betterment of society should be conscious of their conduct and behavior. Before 1947, people joined politics without expecting any rewards. Politics was a mission. Even the thousands who did not come to the limelight never expected anything for themselves while joining politics. Many great leaders gave up their careers as lawyers and teachers to join politics. Leaders like Lokmanya Tilak, Nehru, Rajendra Babu and Gandhiji gave up their careers to join politics, he said. In other countries, politics was like any other profession. Students in U.K. prefer to join politics as a profession and conduct themselves with professional integrity. In the post-1947 period, politics had ceased to bea good respectable profession, he said, adding it was leaders like Aiyappan Pillai who had given life to this trend, by upholding values. The Navathi function was organized under the auspices of the Aurobindo Cultural Society.

 The Pertinent Question

Why do the leaders sitting at the top fail to discipline these foul-mouth political punters after using the choicest vulgarities if they are NOT being let loose on purpose by the Party itself? While foul language of recalcitrance has been uttered in politics before, the blue streak is making some wonder whether it reflects the coarsening effects of impatience, greed and family backgrounds. Of course, there is an overall decline in the standards of public discourse. Elders are no more respected as they were in past. Family values have deteriorated and morals are falling apart. Obviously, our politicians are the product of this socially and morally sick society. So we can’t blame them alone.

He Said She Said Politicians Play He Said, She Said

However, why is that the members of BJP which is the baby of RSS, an organization that was known for its values and discipline, is taking lead in using the dirty, unparliamentary and threatening harangue. Is it the desire by politicians to come across as average Street-Smart? Or, is there deeper design to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation  and that is really alarming for the nation?

By Naim Naqvi

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