Barack Obama’s decree to nominate a gay, Fanning, as the army head has kindled a new flame of hope for the usually shunned Eric.

President Barack Obama with no reluctance elected an openly gay person as the head of the army. Eric Fanning is set to be the next secretary of the Army. Mr. Fanning holds in a substantial experience of being at top-notch positions in Pentagon, including most recently as chief of staff to Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

Mr. Obama said Mr. Fanning brings “many years of proven experience and exceptional leadership” to the role. “I am grateful for his commitment to our men and women in uniform, and I am confident he will help lead America’s soldiers with distinction,” he said.

obama fanning Capability And Homosexuality Must Not Be Inter Linked

47 years old Fanning’s stardom is prominent since long when he was the undersecretary of the Air Force, followed by working for Mr. Carter. Mr. Fanning, a graduate from Dartmouth College, gave a kickstart to his career in public service as a research assistant for the House Armed Services Committee in 1991.

Matt Thorn, who heads the advocacy group OutServe-SLDN, said Mr. Fanning’s nomination serves as another symbol of how barriers have come down inside the military. “He continues to break down barriers in his career advancements, and I know that Eric will be the leader that the Army needs,” he said in a statement. “Having an openly gay individual in high level positions within the Department of Defense helps to set the tone at the top and provides an opportunity to bring better understanding about both the shared and the unique needs of [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] individuals in the military and their families.”

“Eric Fanning is one of the most qualified individuals to hold any senior position having to do with defense,” Mr. Wilson said. “The fact that he is openly gay and has been nominated for his position is just evidence of the degree to which Americans can accept sexual orientation as part of an individual, and not something that completely defines an individual.” Mr. Wilson hired Mr. Fanning in 2001 at the Business Executives for National Security.

Doug Wilson who too was the first gay assistant secretary of defence for public affairs praised Mr. fanning.

Obama’s this decree is commendable in my eyes. He has made it evident that capability must be rewarded aptly irrespective of one’s gender and sexuality. If such radical transformation of mindset befalls on each one of us, homosexuality will not remain as a taboo and bane.

By Prerna Daga

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