The resolution of balanced diet will make you healthier. Implement a simple schedule and head forward, gradually, towards a healthy being.

The resolution of balanced diet will make you healthier.

Bad eating habits are mainly responsible for your bad health. If you want, you can reduce the chances of getting hit by certain diseases just by making some changes in your daily diet.Let us see the diet plan for a normal person:-
First of all , drink 1-2 glasses of water just after waking up. This will boost your metabolism and helps to make you active and healthy whole day.

drink 8 glasses water How To Get Healthier By Balanced Diet?

Between 7 to 7:30 in morning
Have a cup of low sugar tea or preferably no sugar tea with 2-3 high fiber biscuits.

9’o clock
Have some heavy breakfast at this time. You breakfast may include  oats, whole bread, sprouts etc.
Also drink a full glass of completely toned milk. Your breakfast plays a very important role in your health
sprouts How To Get Healthier By Balanced Diet?
Have a fruit of your choice. Citrus fruits are more preferred at this time. Fruits provides you necessary vitamins and minerals.

1 to 1:30 in afternoon
Take lunch in this duration . Have green vegetables, 3-4 chapattis, curd and lots of salad.

4’o clock
Take green tea or lemon tea. You may include roasted soybeans, dry fruits, biscuits, etc.
GREEN TEA How To Get Healthier By Balanced Diet?
5:30 in  evening
Any one fruit of your choice, coconut water, lemon water or may be any juice of your choice. This will really give a boost to your health.

7:30 to 8’o clock
You should have dinner before 8 pm because there must be a time difference of at least 2 hours between dinner and time to sleep. Have cereals, salad and light vegetables.

9:30 PM
Drink a glass of milk.
wholesoemilk1 How To Get Healthier By Balanced Diet?

Bottom line :

It is a balanced diet plan. By following this, the body requirement of calories, protein, vitamins, minerals and fats etc. are fulfilled which helps to keep you perfectly fir. Also include a cheat day in every 10 days so that you may not get bored of following strict diet plans. On this cheat day eat anything you like to eat. However, at the same time also remember to eat lot of fruits & light dinner the next day. Must go for a night walk if you had taken a heavy dinner an drink enough water.

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By Vibudh Mittal at indiaopines blog

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