Helena will try to end her life in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial. Know the complete story

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial is on the verge of leap and everything is on a haywire right now. There is a chaos going on in the palace where Mir, Nicator and Helena have captured the palace and Ashoka is trying his best to get the entire family out of the chaos. While, he is the last hope of his family, even now Bindusar is misunderstanding him unable to contemplate his strategy.

The Prologue of the Leap

The historical fiction is turning no stones unturned in making the serial all the more interesting as we wait eagerly for its leap. We have been witnessing the latest promos of the leap where Mohit Raina is seen as the grownup Ashoka. Though his face is not that clear, it is assumed that it is Mohit only.

ashoka serial Helena to Commit Suicide in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat!

However, before Mohit Raina comes in to take things forward there is something very exciting awaiting for the viewers. Yes, the upcoming track the prologue of the leap is intriguing and jaw-dropping as the antagonists will finally see the end. They will be killed by none other than Ashoka himself.

Ashoka Will Save His Parents

Well, yes, Ashoka, as usual, will be successful in saving his parents from the clutches of the Unanis and Khorasanis. Interestingly, in a fit of rage, he will end up killing both Mir Khorasan and Seleucus Nicator just like he killed Noor. No, he won’t be kind-hearted this time as they have been really cruel to his mother Dharma who is pregnant. He will rescue everybody and once again become a proud son like he has always been.

chakravartin ashoka samrat colors tv wallpaper images pics photos Helena to Commit Suicide in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat!

Buzz is that he will also come to Helena’s rescue. Wondering how? Here’s another story –

Helena Will Try to Commit Suicide

After witnessing the death of Mir and her father Nicator, Helena (Suzanne Bernert) will realize that there is no one else from her team left to seek revenge from Bindusar. Not knowing what to do next, the lady will be disturbed. Fearing from the consequences, she will try to end her life. Yes, she will commit suicide. But, guess what, the grandson she hated the most (Ashoka) will reach the place right in time to stop her from doing anything wrong. Yes, he’ll reach at the appropriate time and save her from ending her life.

Suzanne Bernert as Queen Helena in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2 Helena to Commit Suicide in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat!

Now, that we know that Ashoka will end up saving Helena’s life, it would be interesting to wait and watch whether she will be jailed for her crimes or will her savior convince his father Samrat BIndusar to forgive Helena once again.

Whether Siamak will get caught or not is yet to be seen. However, Ashoka winning the battle ultimately is a great relief from all the past not so good things happening in the palace. What do you think – What will be Helena’s punishment?

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