Will Helena save her allies – Sushim and Charumitra?

Rajmata Helena will soon be caught in the sabha when Ashoka will expose her. No wonder, Ashoka gave Samrat the proof of his innocence and also the evidence of Unani’s involvement in the crime. Rajkumar Ashoka for the first time will directly blame Rajmata for everything. He will point at her and also blame her for killing Dhrupad.

Interestingly, Helena too will accept the blame, surprising everybody in the sabha including the Samrat. This will obviously scare Siamak, Sushim and Maharani Charumitra in the court. However, we wonder, whether Rajmata will tell Samrat the entire truth or will she try to hide few things, making sure Siamak gets the benefit in the entire game.

Helena Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Will Helena Hide Sushim & Charumitra’s Involvement in Her Crimes?

Rajmata Will Confess Her Crime in Front of the Court

We have been waiting for this day from months now and the day has come when the evil lady will be exposed badly. Having no explanation to anything, she will confess her crime. Earlier there was buzz that Rajmata will drink the same juice which Sushim that spiked for Rani Dharma, and under that influence Rajmata would confess her crime. However, now that there is no drink in the court, we wonder how would Rajmata narrate the crime or has she already consumed the drink and sitting in the court?

Helena Will Helena Hide Sushim & Charumitra’s Involvement in Her Crimes?

Will She Mention about Sushim and Charumitra Too?

It’s been long since Helena is scheming along with Sushim and Charumitra. Together, they have committed several crimes. Then whether it was the murder of Rani Subhrasi’s favorite daasi, hiding the plan of Ujjaini’s king Rajajiraj, killing Acharya Chanakya or scheming against Ashoka while he was in Takshashila, they have done everything.

sushim charumitra Will Helena Hide Sushim & Charumitra’s Involvement in Her Crimes?

It is likely that if Helena is exposed, Sushim and Charumitra will be exposed too. However, chances are she might hide it for some greater benefit.

Reasons Why Sushim and Charumitra’s Crime Will Be Hidden

If Rajmata gets prisoned, she has only Sushim and Charumitra as her ally who can help her reach her father and other companions. She will never want things to turn further against her. So, for her benefit, chances are she might not take their name. Also, her prime objective is to stop Ashoka from being crowned and this will only be possible if Sushim is outside the jail. In addition, by not exposing Sushim and Charumitra, Helena will win their trust which she will misuse later.

Suzanne Bernert as Queen Helena in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2 Will Helena Hide Sushim & Charumitra’s Involvement in Her Crimes?

Going by all the nuisance in the serial looks like it will be an interesting dhamaka and why not, after all, we have been looking for this day from ages now. We are all very excited to see Rajmata getting jailed – How about you?

Tell us what do you think about the entire mess in the court. What do you think – Will Helena take Sushim and Charumitra’s name? or will she keep the trump card for later use?

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