Hema Malini may be a big wig of Bollywood but her impassive emotions towards a kid in near-to-death scenario depicts a inhuman picture of her’s.

The always shining stars of celebrity-cum-MP Hema Malini failed to shine on 2nd July culminating in Hema Malini’s accident, though minor. Over-sped Mercedes carrying Hema rammed into alto with five persons, causing injury to all but one innocent death. However, 375 people that die everyday in India is because of road accidents but none manages to find any room in news channels and newspaper. But, was this case any oddity to be in full glare of media? Yes, but not because of the unfortunate demise of a five years old girl but presence of a famed figure like Hema Malini in the scene. Where there is celebrity, there is media and there is no defiance to this statement.

Well, that what couldn’t elude media’s heat and twitter’s bash was Hema’s inconsiderate tweet.


Piecing every smallest piece of the accident, what amassed the most frowns was Hema’s callousness towards that innocent kid who died before she could live. It’s quite consent-worth that even Hema’s injury was a severe one as the blood gushed out reddening her T-zone on face but on the same hand a minimal ammount of responsibility and kindness was expected from this Bollywood lady. To boot, her tweet infused with the grudges against the innocent’s father was an augmentation the nuisance she has caused.

When mercury dipped climatically but raised twitterically

Dreamgirl’s Dreamboy Reaction

hema malini Hema Malini With No Humanitarian Bone In her


This is how the kid’s father lamented

Last words from Hema Malini to prove her innocence

hema malini 2 Hema Malini With No Humanitarian Bone In her

By Prerna Daga

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