Check out various herbal medicine to treat cold. Also know about Sinus and how to differentiate between Sinus & common cold.

Quite a few posts on flu and influenza were submitted in the community. These are the top trending posts among them.

Symptoms of Influenza 

Influenza which is also known as “Flu” is an infection of the respiratory area which can affect people in masses. Influenza is a contagious virus which can spread from one person to another in the form of sneezing and coughing. Figures shows that every year about twenty thousand of Americans die due to getting infected from influenza and other influenza related pneumonia disease. Read more to know the symptoms of influenza in details.

Bird Flu 

Bird Flu is also called or named as “Avian Influenza“, it is a transmissible disease which is seen in birds due to presence of Influenza A viruses. In birds the Influenza A viruses can be present and can show symptoms from mild infection and low mortality to a highly infectious disease with a near 100% casualty rate. As the virus can remain alive in contaminated excrement for long time and then it can extend among birds, and from birds to other animals, through consumption and inhalation. Know how it infects Humans and what are its effects on us.

Cold or Sinus Infection

If your “cold” has lasted more than ten days, it could be something that is you might have Sinus Infection at this time you will have to have an appointment with a doctor to find it out whether you have Sinus Infection. Know more about Sinus and how to differentiate between Sinus and common cold.

Best Herbal Medicine for Cold

Many people always want to stay away from the sickness common cold which is common in the cold season from November till March. People always want to keep their self and immune system healthy so that they can stay away from common cold. Read the post to know about the amazing Herbal medicines for cold.

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