Akhand Bharat by uniting India, Pakistan and Bangladesh which were one historically 60 years ago could still be created, said the BJP spokesperson.

A day after Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi was busy collecting accolades for his master stroke of visiting Pakistan so casually as if going to Sadar Bazar from New Delhi, a prominent member of his party has let the cat out of the bag.

modi nawaz meet up The Not So Hidden Agenda Is Out

In an interview to Al Jazeera, Ram Madhav, general secretary of BJP has explained that the RSS  believed that actually an Akhand Bharat by uniting India, Pakistan and Bangladesh which were one historically  60 years ago could still be created.

The statement assumes significance because the man who made it cannot be taken lightly. He is not Sakhshi maharaj or Giriraj singh but a former RSS spokesperson who became a member of the BJP very recently and understands and reflects  the mindset of the RSS.

He has mercifully clarified that this will not be done by force but through consensus. Thank god for the small mercy otherwise the real rulers of Pakistan, the army, would go to any length to remove Nawaz Sharif for getting dangerously close to Modi who is tying to come out of the shadows of his 2002 past.

Actually there were rumours that Modi was going to be a candidate for the Nobel prize for peace for his efforts to bring Pakistan to the talking table, aided and abetted by his friend in the White House. But now his moves will be watched with suspicion and  Sharif would have to be very careful before succumbing to the invitation for that bear hug from his Indian counterpart.

To add to the theory of an expansionist party having taken over the reins of power in New Delhi another news floated recently revealed how the RSS had started its shakhas in 90 countries of the world.

rss india The Not So Hidden Agenda Is Out

If that gives some explanation of the grand receptions that the Indian Prime Minister had been getting in every country he visits, it also reveals a broader design that will not be easy to explain away by the party which claims to have come to power on the development agenda.

There are some who dismiss this as an old pipe dream of the RSS  but it certainly is not good diplomacy.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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