Highway on My Plate, a travel and food show on NDTV Good Times ranks at 4th position in the top 5 shows of the week, as Rocky and Mayur discover the undiscovered food of Patal Bhavaneshwar, a small place in Uttarakhand.

The show that takes 4th position in the top 5 shows of this week is ‘Highway on My Plate’ which airs on NDTV Good Times.

Rocky and Mayur HOMP Top 5 shows of the week (28th Oct 3rd Nov, 2013): Highway on My Plate

Rocky and Mayur- the hosts of Highway on My Plate


Highway on My Plate (HOMP) is a weekly travel and food show that airs on the channel NDTV Good Times since 2005. It is anchored by food enthusiasts and childhood friends Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma, who have together travelled more than 70,000 kilometres across the length and breadth of India over the course of four years in search of memorable eating experiences.

Over the years the show has gathered quite a fan following due to the natural chemistry and camaraderie between the two hosts as well as their ‘will-eat-anything’ attitude and genuine love for different types of food and their over the top and quirky sense of humor. The show won the ‘Best Travel Show’ at the Indian Telly Awards, 2008.

In 2011, the hosts came out with a book titled Highway on My Plate: The Indian Guide to Roadside Eating which has been honored at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2011 as the Best Celebrity Cook Book.

HOMP book Top 5 shows of the week (28th Oct 3rd Nov, 2013): Highway on My Plate

Entertainment Quotient

I have been an avid follower of the show for years; there are some shows filled with gloss and glamour but still fail to attract the audience, and there is Highway on My Plate. A simple yet enduring show filled with entertainment and the best part here is that it’s not scripted. The entertainment is the jokes the host share, their interaction with the people around, the round off of both the hosts at the end of the show; these subtle moments of joy are the real entertainment: untapped, pure and captivating. Last week’s episode was filled with entertainment as Rocky and Mayur roamed around the place called Patal Bhuvaneshwar, which according to them was as dramatic as it can get. As a viewer, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. The hosts were their usual selves but the people of Bhuvaneshwar and their interactions entertained me to the core.

I would like to give the show 4 out of 5 for its entertainment quotient.

Content Quotient

The show is one of a kind on Indian Television. It’s about two people roaming around the country, searching for the best delicacies of every place, from a big metro city to a small town. It taps on the crux of the Indian society, depicting the different values, customs and people through the food they eat. It’s a travel based show with no script; just a schedule of places to go. The rest is just in the spur of the moment. The places they choose to go are also apt to the title which shows the amount of research that went into it. Over the years as a viewer I have witnessed some of the best cuisines I never thought existed in those places.

Last week it was time for Rocky and Mayur to take a trip to the hills. They showed us some really wonderful places and gave us a peek into how delicious those cold regions can be. Patal Bhuvaneshwar was the place of this week’s episode and in terms of conceptualization it was top notch; the region played out well in tandem with the show’s concept.

I would give 3.75 out of 5 for the content quotient.

Performance Quotient

The show’s hosts Rocky and Mayur are always in great form, bringing out the best in people. In this episode too, Rocky and Mayur were at their funniest. With Rocky being a perfect non-vegetarian person and Mayur a complete vegetarian, they give each other their time to shine. More of an English language based show, the interplay of Hindi and English is fun to watch.

With usually travel based shows being hosted by a single person, this one puts them above others. The episode adds another feather to this pair’s awesome episodes.

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I would like to give 4.5 out of 5 to the performance quotient.

Value of Time

As do all others, it has its share of highs and lows. It does not have a run of the mill humour but manages to entertain nonetheless. It may not appeal to all, but has its share of audiences who have find this show of complete value to their time.

By Ish Chandok

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Image Source: Highway on My Plate with Rocky and Mayur@Facebook, Highway on My Plate with Rocky and Mayur@Facebook

Video Source: Highway On My Plate – Hills: Patal Bhuvneshwar-ndtvgoodtimes

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