The kind of determination shown and strategies employed by 30 crore north Indians in imposing Hindi over 90 crore non-Hindi citizens is incredibly amazing !

The kind of determination shown and strategies employed by 30 crore north Indians in imposing Hindi over 90 crore non-Hindi citizens is,to say the least,just incredibly amazing !They have converted every available media,including Tamil  TV Channels, as  Hindi promotion agents.NDTV reporter Akshaya interviews a Jallikattu agitator in Marina beach,Chennai,straight in Hindi ,giving a misleading impression that the Tamil agitators speak ! How mischievous of her to explot a burning situation for her linguistic agenda ! I wonder whether NDTV paid for his trip to to Chennai,just for this purpose.If this kind of determination is shown for other national concerns like poverty eradication,India would have become a super power by now.

hindi not our national language Now Hindi Imposition Through Advertisements!

The latest strategy in this line ,to impose Hindi is to draft all advertisers into Hindi promotion through dubbed commercials that are irritating to see and listen.Unable to bear the irritation,I shot a letter to AAAI .Here is copy of my letter to Advertisers Association of India,conveying the concern of non-Hindi consumers,who make up 75% of the market.Leading consumer States like Kerala,Maharashtra,Bengal,Tamil Nadu etc are all non-Hindi markets.They are being flooded with dubbed advts from Hindi originals.The worst part is to show Hindi culture as Indian culture belittling great cultures like 10000 year old Tamil culture.Height of insensitivity is that Tamil Matrimony advertisement features a Hindi bride talking in horrible dubbed Tamil!Too much to digest.Yet to receive AAAI’s reply.


Hello there,

Study on Hindi TV advts dubbed into Tamil

What is an effective advertisement in the eyes of the consumer?

An effective advertisement should have the following essential elements:

1) Should steal your heart

2)  Should leave a lasting  impression

3) Should  have crisp message

4) Should  use Apt words

5) Less language more visuals

6) Culturally relevant

hindi not national language Now Hindi Imposition Through Advertisements!

An effective advertisement should NOT have the following:

1) Alien cast or characters

2) Confusing/unclear concept,alien to local culture

3) Uneasy language

4)Irritating dubbing voices of foreigners rendering native dialogues.

Please note that all  dubbed Tamil advertisements are HORRIBLE PIECES IMPOSED ON TAMIL CONSUMERS.

1)The characters are repulsively alien.

2) They speak horrible and insulting Tamil of google translate tool.

3)Obviously no Tamilian is not involved in production of this commercials.

3)The Advertisement conveys nothing but irritation and insult. The advertisement also conveys strong message “we don’t care about your sensibilities ,whether you understand, buy our products or not. We want to spend our budget”.

We suggest you to show your advertisement to an average Tamil test audience to know how effective they are. PLEASE STOP AIRING THESE HORRIBLE ADVERTISEMENTS.

A word of conclusion:

If you want an effective Hindi advertisement, do not take  an American cast, teach them Hindi and shoot the advertisement in USA.Similarly  If you want an effective Tamil advertisement, do not take Hindi cast, teach them Tamil through software translations and shoot the advertisement in Punjab.This is hurting our feelings.

Here are a few irritating dubbed advertisements:

SNAPDEAL—“unbox zindagi’ –What the hell does it mean in Tamil?

SNAPDEAL UNBOX ZINDAGI Now Hindi Imposition Through Advertisements!

AMAZON—October Sale—Horrible! What do you want to convey?

GOVT OF INDIA—-Swach Bharaath-Alien cast,irritating dialogues delivery!What do you say ?

HIND LEVER—–Swach children saying something ‘Kaivaibum’ –Disgusting!What does ‘Hind Lever Muyarchi’ in the end mean?Utter waste of your money,leaving only irritation in the end!

RUMMY CIRCLE-‘rokkam jeyinge’ means what?

CADBURYS-‘Sappidu-meimaranthidu’ is a rude,disrespectful statement.’Sappidunga!Meimaranthu Poiduveenga’is the correct statement.Why can’t you engage Tamilians for Tamil translations?

VIM-‘Kashmirilirunthu kanyakumari’ not spoken by a Tamilian.So irritating !


HORLICKS-uneasy male voice ,so irritating!

FLIPKART-Horrible Tamil dubbing by Hindi children

PARACHUTE JASMINE-Horrible dubbing

IODEX-“headache does not come in body”What the hell does it mean?

BROOKE BOND 3 ROSES-Horrible Telegraphic dubbing

The worst is this Asian Paints recent advt Asian Paints advt in Tamil


It s sad to note that national advertisement companies are charging crores from their clients and cheating the clients with dubbed Tamil advertisements which irritate the consumers of Tamil Nadu.If they want Tamilians’ money,speak Tamil,engage Tamilian advt agencies who know the art and air it.You cannot mutilate our great language the way you want and expect us to do business with you.CHANGE YOUR TAMIL ADVTS ACs TO TAMIL ADVERTISING COMPANIES.THEY DO THE BEST JOB.

Examples: Vijay Cements ,Sathya Agencies ,Chennai Silks

The concept,cast,execution and dubbing of the present commercials are most irritating.Translations are hurting the most


We are conveying this concern as advertisement agencies do not assess  market response or ratings.

Please also read Horrors of Translations !

Thanks for your time.

By Sundar A.S.

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