Great cinema is being made today, but here are some more interesting ideas – How about a girl buddy film? Or the story of an older woman, younger man?

We, the audiences have never had it so good at the movies – never before have we had the sort of varied, identifiable and entertaining cinema that is being made today. And yet I am being presumptuous enough to suggest some more themes and stories to Bollywood’s filmmakers – I do think these stories would work because a lot of the film going junta wants to watch different types of cinema. Here are some suggestions of Hindi films that I for one would love to see made – more fodder for my first day first show penchant:

The older woman, younger man story

We would enjoy watching the story of older woman and a younger man fall for each other. And I’m not talking about Hindi movies such as Lamhe, where the man was younger but his love for the older woman was unrequited. Such a relationship was also touched upon in Dil Chahta Hai, but that was a sub-plot at best; a plot device to further the conflict in main narrative of the story.

Dil Chahta Hai 209x300 Hindi Movies We’d Like to See Made

How about a girl buddy film?

I am also not talking about a movie like Gori Tere Pyar Mein, where the age difference was implied but it was not acknowledged; nor was it enough to cause any central conflict. Besides there was zero chemistry between this particular pairing – it was uncomfortably akin to watching a brother opposite his rather disapproving older sister.  I’d like to see a story – a well made love story; a passionate one – and not just because I belong to a family where relationships between older women and younger men are boringly commonplace.

A Girl-Buddy film

The guy-buddy film has been around in Bollywood since Sholay or perhaps even longer. The bro-mance is nothing new for Bollywood; very recently we had Bullet Raja – very much a bro-mance where the heroine was all but incidental.  But where is the girl buddy film? Even Hollywood, with a long history of buddy films has confined itself largely to guy buddy films.

With the exception of a classic such as Thelma & Louise, genuine girl buddy films are rather thin on the ground even in the West. Now wouldn’t it be fun to have a girl buddy film from Bollywood? I cannot say how well our generally patriarchal mindset would take to the girl buddy film, but I think there are enough of us around to appreciate something like this? Surely a Dil Chahta Hai or a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara, made with women protagonists and telling the story of women would be interesting? I think so!

More biopics

The reception that Bhaag Milkha Bhaag got has to have proved to Bollywood that Indian viewers are ready for cinema based on real lives and personalities. Let’s have more of these please – well made movies that tell inspiring stories of real people – after all fact can be stranger than fiction!

More movies based on books

The furore surrounding the adaptation of Five Point Someone to make 3 Idiots notwithstanding, this was a great first time that Bollywood used an Indian novel to make an Indian film. When they made Kai Po Chhe based on another Chetan Bhagat book it turned out to be a terrific film – a good story, with wonderful new actors and terrific songs – just good cinema. All I can say is More Please!

The Immortals Of Meluha 199x300 Hindi Movies We’d Like to See Made

Karan Johar will be making a movie based on the Immortals of Meluha

While the rights to Amish Tripathi’s hugely successfully Meluha Trilogy has been bought over by an undisclosed Hollywood producer it’s heartening to note that filmmaker Karan Johar has also decided to adapt the Immortals of Meluha for a film that will be made under his banner, Dharma Productions. It will be very interesting to see the kind of movie what will result from the part-mythology part-fantasy book that has been such an unprecedented success.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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