Is it fair to make Hindi the national language of India?

This 69th Independence day was marked by a war! A war of difference! The war started from Karnataka and is spreading fast.Yes,it is a twitter war against the imposition of Hindi, down the throat of non-Hindi speakers.The hashtag #stopHindi imposition was trending on the day, reflecting the anger and the hurt of 100 crore people, who do not know any alphabet of Hindi.

Imagine booking a gas cylinder,you hear a reply in a unfamiliar language.Imagine your PM speaking in an alien tongue!Imagine appearing for an UPSC exam in a language you do not know ! How would you feel? The Government doesn’t seem to be sensitive to people’s feelings.

Hindi Should Hindi be Our National Language?

Mother-tongue is as important or more important than your mother !But if that feeling is not respected ,it’s really unfortunate!

Team India Illusion

All national media and Union Government machinery are geared up to present an illusion to the world , that entire India knows and speaks Hindi. The National English TV channels do not bother about non-Hindi viewers and are happy serving the ‘Hindi-sthan’. They freely use Hindi in reporting and interviews in all their programs.

The Bitter Truth !

However, according to Wikipedia about 100 crore people in India do not speak Hindi. They do not understand a word of Hindi.This works out to a whopping 75% of Indian population. It does not make sense to use a language that many do not understand.

Language divide Should Hindi be Our National Language?


Apart from naming National Schemes in Hindi the Ministers use lot of Hindi words in their English speeches.This is ridiculous as no other country in the world, use their local language while speaking in English ! The worst scenario is the commercial advertisement space. Any commercial organization would advertise their products in a language the consumers enjoy. They will not be keen on promoting official language at the cost of losing their business of 100 crore consumers.

But surprisingly even MNCs like Amazon, do not seem to be realizing this fact. LIC is selling a policy named ‘Bima Pacchath’ in Tamil Nadu. None of the consumers in TN would understand what it means !It sounds so repulsive as well, in Tamil.If consumers don’t understand, we need to understand that they are not the losers, but LIC is. Apart from failing to reach the audience, it also conveys a subtle message of alienation. “Look, we don’t care whether you understand or not! “ Alienating 100 crore people does not make sense. It’s time the media and Government understand this point.

Indian Should Hindi be Our National Language?

Let Language Not Divide !

India is already divided into so many religions, 3000 plus castes and sub- castes, 36 States/UTs, North India, South India,780 languages etc. Do we need one more divisive factor based on Hindi and non-Hindi ? Let us forget it and play on the uniting factors more, to strengthen national unity. Let us take a wise decision and make all the 22 ,so-called ‘regional languages ‘of the Nation as official languages of India.This would be unique to India and we can boast that we have maximum number of official languages, based on the unique diversity of our culture.It’s time our leaders took a decision in this regard.Let language be a uniting factor than a divisive irritant.

By Alvaro Hans

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