In today’s time it feels like Hindi shows have no substance left in them

Once upon a time I used to watch a lot of Hindi serials. We were nineties kids and in our age and time TV had a different definition. We were the ones who would run straight home to watch Dekh bhai Dekh and Vikram Betal. We would eagerly wait for Sundays for Mahabharat, Bible Ki Kahania, Chandrakanta.

Dekh Bhai Dekh Hindi Shows, Entertainer or Mental Torture

We were glued to our sofas and our eyes were affixed to the screen as soon as Malgudi Days’ jingle could be heard. Flopshow, Suravi, Hum Panch, HipHip Hurray, Thoda sa Aasma, Captain Vyom, Office Office, Byomkesh Bakshi, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai were a few of those serials which made us fall in love with TV.

Flop Show Hindi Shows, Entertainer or Mental Torture

However, with the changing time I have lost all my appetite for daily Soaps. Rather I prefer the English Shows which have strong content and hundred times better storyline. Thanks to Ekta Kapoor’s Saas Bahu Soaps and all her followers which are the sole reason of my loss of appetite.

The staple ingredient of these saas-bahu sagas are the malicious vamp who dresses herself into the latest fashion irrespective of the place or situation she is in. The serials go on with the same ghisa pita storyline for ages, so much so that the viewers forget the year of their inception. The death of the leading characters and their sudden illogical reincarnations are the theme abundant n these soaps. Whenever I watch these serials I become clueless about the reason of their existence.

Saas Bahu Serial Hindi Shows, Entertainer or Mental Torture


They are so mindless that no person with some sense can digest them. Gone are the days when serials had content. Now the most popular Hindi series is the most moronic one. The good saas and malicious sister-in-law or a tyrant of a saas raises the TRP of the show and when all the other formulas fail the leap of five years and the leading characters in new avatars give the show some boost.

Saas Bahu Serial 2 Hindi Shows, Entertainer or Mental Torture


Thus, I have lost all my enthusiasm for Hindi soaps and find some solace watching English Channels and going down the memory lane with the golden era of Hindi shows. I am not saying that it should blindly follow the English channels as their budget is hundred times higher than ours but it is high time to improve our content. Another important point is the concept of season. The asinine dragging of the storyline makes all the thinking viewers just say goodbye to the shows.

By – Jyotirupa Sarma

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