Please do not play politics in the name of Conversion!

The Constitution gives every citizen of India the fundamental right to follow any religion  which automatically includes the freedom to convert from one religion to another. Nobody can question that freedom if it is voluntary and not on inducement. Any anti-conversion law will be against this basic spirit of the constitution.

In fact, the real issue is not conversion.

hinddu muslim conversions Hindu Muslim Conversions

Let any number of people be converted from one faith to the other if they feel it will benefits them socially or economically. The moot question is what will be status of these converted people in their new religion. Whether they will be treated at par with others in that religion?

Will it be ensured that they will get the same social  status  as that of others belonging to higher castes or class in it ? Will they be allowed to enter the temples or other places of worship?  Will they be allowed to dine with others in your  religion?Will they be allowed to marry your daughters and sisters? 

If the answer to all these questions  is  ‘yes’, please convert as many  poor and  marginalized people as possible to your faith.  It will be a great service to those vulnerable people. But please do not play politics in the name of  conversion.

 By: K V Ravindran

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