Know the many reasons why a proud Hindu is not keen to be born as a Hindu in his next birth…

One cannot say that there is no religion called Hinduism, if that be so then there is only one religion in the world that’s “Human Religion”. The three major problems in this World are –  1.Religion 2. Money and 3. Fraud.

tirupati tirumala temple india Why I Would Not like to be a Hindu in My Next Birth...

First two are interlinked. More money you have more insecure you feel like most of the celebrities and big business houses. For that reason both rich and poor take drugs. There is interrelationship between religion and drugs more so in Hindu culture. Now coming to the main topic of Hindu religion, I do not like the way this one has been exploited by the people of India but I am proud to be a Hindu even though I seldom visit temples.

I would not like to be a Hindu in my next birth because of various reasons.

Why thousands of temples are built over night with black money where as the existing ones are poorly maintained? Why this illegal construction cannot be stopped? Will we need another Kala Pahada for that?

Round the year loud speakers and fireworks mask the bullets which are fired during these celebrations. On one hand the Hindus fire bullets and on the other put gold chains and currency notes in the HUNDI. In the name of worshipping of Gods or Goddesses the whole country is in Puja mood throughout the year.

This religion has become a perverted one; the people have become aggressive, intolerant, restless, indiscipline, callous attitude, self centered, and corrupt. A poor country where millions do not get food to eat, place to sleep, defecate outside, be it road sides to rail lines, goes on begging in front of the temples throughout the day or night when ever the temples are opened.

We are told that the Jaganath and Tirupati temple’s daily collections can build schools in hundred of villages or for maintenance purpose, but alas this money goes to wrong people for wrong reasons. Have you ever seen the ornaments worn by the priests at any of the Indian temples which are synonymous with black money and corruptions? Innocent animals are killed to satisfy the Goddesses and Gods but actually its man’s greed for mutton, beef, chicken not the God’s desire to see his own creation being ruthlessly killed in front the God of worship.

Sripuram golden Temple Religion Why I Would Not like to be a Hindu in My Next Birth...

In a civilized society this should not be practiced.

No one is going to come forward and stop this nuisance of sacrificing animals in temples and puja pandels.To be frank the temples administration is in the hands of ruffians and in some places politicians, money is where corruption is. Really people who go to temples are themselves corrupt; no religion preaches bribing of Gods. If you have visited INDIAN temples you must have experienced the beggarly atmosphere outside and dirty and noisy atmosphere in side.

Most of the newly built temples are over Government lands which were meant for parks or children’s play ground. After the temple work is over the ruffians watch for some time then build rooms and halls for Kalyan Mandap so that feasts and functions can be held and money generated .They have the blessings of local politicians and the administrators.

Police would disclose your name if you complaint about fireworks and noise pollution after midnight, they are too helpless. At night most of these so called modern temples are used for immoral purpose and drugs. Our administrators can’t do anything because it has the patronage of politicians who are also member of the temple trustee.

Public are harassed but can’t do any filmy style eviction because everyone is afraid of death. I do not know when this perverted form of worshiping of Gods and illegal construction of temples will stop in India but one thing is sure this is going to get worse.

If Hindus are the majority in India then how come Muslim votes decides the Government?

By: Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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