Fifty-year old muslim named Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten to death for storing beef covertly. Is a muslim’s butchery the Hindu’s step to prevent cow’s butchery.

Butchering cattle is how minority pays tribute to their religion and the recently-transpired mishap in the outskirts of Delhi harbingers that Hindus would do the same by buthchering muslims. Hindus may find the precedent words of mine ignoble but nobility of Hindus has literally come to naught. With an immense pall within my heart, I read the news of a murder of fifty-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq by the mob of 200 men. And What was his crime, my friends? Well, in my frame of reference, muslim, first and selling beef, second.For, had second been first, that what happened would never have actually happened.

akhlaq killed ‘Kill A Man For A Cow’, Provided The Man Is Muslim. Chi Hindus!

Akhlaq’s life was running in a normal pace of 72 beats until the rumour of ‘he is storing and consuming beef’ diffused in the temple at Bisara (outskirts of Delhi). Who then after could have decelerated the accelerating outrage? Death perhaps inched an inch closer to Akhlaq’s life, the moment news was broadcasted in the temple. But it was in a jiffy that an-inch-away death, under the pressure of religious outrage, reached and struck him. The thoughts that have been hitting my mind  since morning are had he been Akhil and not Akhlaq, had he been ‘majority’ and not ‘minority’, had he been ‘human’ and not ‘muslim’ or had he just been ‘he’, would Hindus have beaten him down to death?

The wounds of previous communal clashes do not heal even and the other clash befalls. Point me any one state of India where blood has not been shed under the influence of religious conflicts. Besides, to aggravate it more, politicians like Yogi Adityanath, Digvijay Singh and others are already there.

akhlaqs family ‘Kill A Man For A Cow’, Provided The Man Is Muslim. Chi Hindus!

It’s reported that the beef Akhlaq was killed for may not be beef but mutton. Samples have been sent to lab to test and confirm the type of meat it was. But will the negative result bring back Akhlaq to his mourning family? Would these 200 murderers meet the death they have given out to Akhlaq? If abiding my the norms of Hindus is killing a muslim, I am in defiance of being a Hindu.

By Prerna Daga

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