We look at the history and background of NDFB which attacked tribals in the Kokrajhar and Sonitpur districts of Assam killing at least 34 people yesterday

The History and Background of NDFB bodo large1 What is NDFB ?

  1. The NDFB (National Democratic Front of Bodoland) is an Assam based armed separatist outfit which is looking to obtain a sovereign ‘Bodoland’ for Bodo tribes of the north east which follow either Hinduism or Christianity. Yesterday’s bloody attack on tribals by Bodo militants has once again focused national attention on the militant outfit; on the history and background of NDFB.
  2. ndfb attack What is NDFB ?In the Kokrajhar and Sonitpur districts of Assam, militants attacked Adivasis in 4 separate locations, killing 34 people (unofficial reports say that number could be as high as 40). This slaughter is thought to be a retaliation for security forces having killed several NDFB militants in the recent past. (Source – Indian Express)
  3. Formed in 1986, the NDFB claims to seek a sovereign Bodoland for the Bodo people, who comprise about 10% of the population of Assam. These militants are supposedly agitating against immigrant influx and the lack of development of the region. The stated aims of the organisation are “liberation from Indian occupation and expansionism, oppression and domination”.
  4. The organisation claims to uphold the integrity and sovereignty of Bodoland and to promote the concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity. The militant group is also demanding that the Roman (English) script be used for their written language and not Devnagari.
  5. D.R. Nabla aka Ranjan Daimary is the founder of the militant organisation and is also the Anti-Talks Faction (the ATF wing of the organisation). While other Bodo organisations such as the Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT), demanded a separate state within Indian territory for the Bodo people, the NDFB wants a separate country for itself. The purported aim of the NDFB, that of protecting the interests of the Bodo people, has become diluted by their joining hands with the ULFA (United Liberation front of Asom). (Source)
  6. The activities of the militant group, estimated to have 3500 members mainly based in the Myanmar and Bhutan regions, has included bombings, kidnappings and murders. It has also been accused of targeting Muslim groups in the region as part of an ethnic cleaning campaign. Between the years 1992 and 2001, the militant group’s activities caused the deaths of 167 security forces personnel and more than 1200 civilians.
  7. In 2005 the group signed a ceasefire agreement with the authorities, but some member factions have continued their militant activities. Currently there are several factions within the militant organisation such as the NDFB-ATDF, the NDFB-RD, NDFB-S and so on.
  8. During this year, these groups have been responsible for killing ASP Gulzar Hussain and injuring 5 other policemen in January, killing 31 Muslims in a series of attacks in May, beating and shooting a 16 year old girl at pointblank range in front of her parents in August and lastly yesterday’s bloodbath that killed at least 34 tribals.
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