Adolf Hitler, the fascist dictator of Germany who was responsible for World War II and the Holocaust, the largest systematic murder of around 6 million Jews died in 1945 and the world was a better place to live in. However, there have been claims and rumors about his amorous affairs with women and consequently, his heirs.

Hitler is that name in European history which evokes not only fear but also a feeling of cruelty, hatred and animosity. Just a mention of his name and a happy surrounding is not so happy anymore but full of negativity and dominance. However, this may not be the case with six European women (including Eva Braun) with whom he allegedly had a relationship in some way or the other and out of which two, one French and the other British, according to their claims have even given birth to his love child.

Hitler is dead The Heir of Adolf Hitler

Rendezvous with the Enemy?

Charlotte Lobjoie before dying told her son, Jean Marie Loret about his father‘s identity whom he had never seen or met earlier. His mother’s confession changed his life forever. According to her revelation, Loret’s father was Hitler whom the French woman had met in the year 1917 when the Fuhrer had come to France to fight against them.  She gave birth to Jean exactly a year after, after a tipsy evening with Hitler as described by her.

Jean Marie was shocked to know this truth as he grew up fighting against the Germans and even had joined the French resistance during the Nazi occupation. This admission of truth by his mother Lobjoie  in the year 1950 troubled him a lot and had no idea whether he wanted to be recognized as Hitler’s son publicly or wanted to erase the thought forever. Jean Marie that time was staying with the Lorets where he was given for adoption in the year 1930 by his single mother.

He confirmed this news as mentioned by his dying mother when he found evidences in their attic in the form of paintings which had Hitler’s signatures on it. Besides, he had a similar face features like that of Hitler. Mr. Loret died at the age of 67 in the year 1985 and historians are still debating whether he was really Hitler’s child or not.

A British Love Child

Second on the list is famous love affair of Hitler and a British girl Unity Mitford. She was obsessed with Hitler and later even become Hitler’s close confidant.  Although she was the daughter of an English aristocrat and a cousin of Winston Churchill, she was wedded to Nazi thoughts, hated Jews and later even became a member of Hitler’s inner circle.

According to a controversy reported by New Statesman’s most respected political Editor Mr. Martin Bright in December 2007, a woman named Val Hann claimed that her aunt, Betty Norton had operated in a private maternity hospital in Oxfordshire where Unity Mitford had been a patient According to Ms. Val Hann, the story passed from her aunt to her mother.

As per the claims, Unity Mitford was admitted into the maternity hospital after her return from Germany. She was a mother to be and gave birth to Hitler’s love child. This piece of information was passed to Val Hann by her mother from her aunt. The reputed child was then given up for adoption, raising the possibility that somewhere in England today Hitler’s 73 years old love child still survives, or if not him then at least his grand children.

unity mitford The Heir of Adolf Hitler

Based on the claim, an investigation was made in the maternity hospital. However, it was conveyed that due to the war many births were not recorded. Even though no records of Mitford were found in the nursing home, there is an assumption that Hitler’s love child could be living in the UK as exposed in the BBC documentary “Hitler’s British Girl.

By Deepti Verma

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