The cow is considered “holy” and is worshiped in India whereas, rest of the world view cows in sections (and) each section has a price tag.

Yesterday Mumbaikars woke up to read this headline in their local newspapers: 

Maharashtra Bans Beef, 5 years jail, Rs 10,000 Fine for Possession or Sale

​There were cheers and jeers depending upon who you asked. For those whose diet excluded consumption of beef anyway, didn’t care but buffaloes looked nervous! 

The cow is considered “holy” and is worshiped in India whereas, rest of the world (including several Indians) view cows in sections (and) each section has a price tag. I asked some of my friends around the world and came to this conclusion:

cow ban beef Holy Cow!!!

​So, no doubt a cow is a very valuable commodity and deserves a lot of commercial respect. Beef (cow’s meat) is a considerable portion of diet for about 96% ​of the world’s population. 

Worldwide, beef is a multi crore rupees business. By some projections, the Indian beef industry is worth “7000 crore rupees”. This is mainly due to the religious taboo (or restrictions?) attached to beef and incognito consumption of beef. For that matter, no Hindu is supposed to consume any kind of “non-vegetarian” food but only 10% of restaurants in India serve “strictly vegetarian” dishes. Rest of the restaurants have “Vegetarian” and “Non-Vegetarian” sections on their menu, not to mention, both are cooked in the same kitchen, in same pots, by same cooks! A sizeable “vegetarians” like to conveniently prefer to call themselves “eggitarians” and try to avoid the question, “where do eggs come from? Aren’t they un-borned chickens”?

How come so many omelette gallas are swarmed by “vegetarians”? Have you ever heard of any non-vegetarian restaurant going out of business in vegetarian dominated India? (I know, calling this “double standard” or “bureaucracy” would invite “fatwa” from RSS on me).

The beauty and the beef is in the eyes of beholder:
cow hinduism mother Holy Cow!!!
The irony and fate of “holy” cows in India (Caution: some images could be graphic and unsuitable for the eyes of politicians)
cow india Holy Cow!!!

cow india maharashtra ban  Holy Cow!!!

​Let’s face the facts. We have so called “prohibition” in PM’s home State of Gujarat that he ruled and monitored for four terms …. 14 BIG YEARS, yet Gujarat is the biggest consumer of liquor and Gujarat, the birthplace of Gandhi, who died preaching non-violence and communal harmony, had the biggest communal riots ​in the history of the nation. 

Rules, regulations, laws, political photo-ops don’t eradicate reality. Instead of rhetorics, if the Govt REALLY has the safety and interests of cows in its mind, they should provide shelters and protections to abandoned cows. Those who want beef, will get it from any source. It is impossible to police the state. If at all anything that this would invite is more corruption among the involved officials. 

By: Wilson Battu
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