Lack of sleep, stress and hyper-pigmentation around eyes contribute to dark circles. Here are some natural ways to get rid of them.

Silver-golden rings look jazzy, when around fingers, but those black rings around eyes, indeed not. Don’t let your part where you see from become not-to-see to others. But, every problem that crops up in your life has a ‘why’ which ought to be identified and then, dealt.

dark circle Follow These Natural Ways And Dark Circle Would Unfollow You

So, why do the dark circles develop around your eyes?

The skin in proximity to eyes have no oil glands and if fine-textured. Unlike the rest of your skin, this skin is very fragile and thin, which if not looked after, induces dark circles. Black circles show themselves up under the eyes only and only, if we pay no heed to our eyes. Liver problems, Ageing, Lack of sleep, stress and hyper-pigmentation around eyes contribute to dark circles. However, heredity too is recognized as one of the donating factors.

Natural ways to get rid of dark circles

  1. Feed your eyes with a cold sensation

The blood vessels which surround nearby eyes, when widened cause dark circles. To render normalcy back to these blood vessels, dab the area around with anything cold. Or else, drench a shred in any cold liquid (be it milk or water) and place it on your eyes, keeping yourself laid. Let it be there unless the feeling of cold diminishes. Soak it again and repeat for 15 minutes. Better is the result, if done thrice a day.

use cucumber for dark circle Follow These Natural Ways And Dark Circle Would Unfollow You

  1. Go green, use cucumber


Chop a chilled cucumber to round slices on a plate and keep it nearby where you lie down. Put them on the closed eyes. Keep changing the slices on no-cold sensation. 12-15 minutes of the process would suffice.

If not planning to knife, grind it to juice. Immerse cotton balls in the prepared juice and smear it around the eyes. Keep your eyes undisturbed for 15 minutes before you rinse it off. You can always add 2-3 beads of lemon juice (depending upon your choice) to impart bleaching property to the mixture.


  1. A must-present potato in the vegetable basket of your home is a must-use remedy


Divide a potato into thin slices and keep them refrigerated, unless sufficiently chilled. Like cucumber, place them on eyes too and follow the same.  If not slice, you can grate the frozen potatoes and form a cataplasm by wrapping a cloth around the grated mass. Place the cataplasm on the eyes.

use potato for dark circle Follow These Natural Ways And Dark Circle Would Unfollow You


  1. When discussed are beauty tips, rosewater is never missed


Rosewater, derived from the queen of flowers, rose imparts a soothing effect on your strained eyes. Anti-bacterial and anti-septic rose water shields your eyes against dust, itching, redness and puffiness, along with the embarrassing dark circles. Dip the cotton pads in rose water and cover the entire black zone of the eyes with them. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then dispose off.

rose water Follow These Natural Ways And Dark Circle Would Unfollow You

  1. Anti-oxidant green tea or chamomile is anti-rings


Green tea holds in the features of anti-oxidant, cleansing, bleaching and saturation and thereby, serves as a miraculous herb to the skin. What you can do is brew a couple of green-tea bags in a cup of hot water. After a penetration of 10 minutes, refrigerate the tea bags. Lie on the bed and place the chilled bags above your closed eyes for 15 minutes.

GREEN TEA Follow These Natural Ways And Dark Circle Would Unfollow You

  1. A source of fresh breathe, mint, is a lightener too

Antimicrobial, antiseptic and astringency properties inhabit mint, which makes it potent to constrict the dilated blood vessels (reason behind black circles) surrounding the eyes. Apply the ground mint on dark circles for 15-20 minutes to wave a good-bye to dark rings.


  1. Almond oil stumps out dark circles

 Dark circles often appear due to the dry skin around eyes. Almond oil, a natural lubricant soothes and saturates your skin. Presence of vitamin K in it acts as a compressor to the dilated blood vessels. Puffy and black eyes won’t be a matter of stress with the company of almond oil.


  1. Last, but not the least- Diet and emotional-balance

All the above mentioned points are external, but what if internal parameters are not being taken care of. No water, no minerals and no vitamins in diet say yes to the entry of Mr. Dark Circle. Whatsapp at night, sleep not and then splurge on those splendid make-up kit to conceal the tacky blackish hue around the eyes. Most importantly, the mental state of yours determines the state of your eyes too. Rear stress and negativities and cry at the hours of sleep, you will sooner follow the preceding ‘7’ tips.

These remedies would pull you out from the stress of dark circles, only if you aren’t nurturing the other stressful emotions. And yes, don’t pluck in exams just because you don’t want to invite dark circles. Ha-Ha! Study and alongside keep these tips. Fret not! Even the Bollywood divas, at times fail to avoid dark circles. Just adapt these tips and protect the beauty of your beautiful eyes.

 By Prerna Daga

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