Indian food is world famous for its taste and flavor. Here we bring some of the top  spicy dishes from different regions. Warning its gonna get “hot” in here…

Indian cuisine is known for its strong flavors. Variety of spices go into making these flavors tangy. Indian chilly, famous all over the world, is the most important spice used for adding taste and colour to the food items.

Let’s have a look at some of the Indian foods that are too hot to swallow and too hard to resist.

1. Vindaloo

A very hot and spicy dish from the Goan region, Vindaloo is a Portuguese import which uses lot of vinegar, traditional meat or pork and spices. The name of the dish is derived from the Portuguese term “Vinho-de-alho” meaning, wine with garlic. 

vindaloo Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

Portuguese mainly used pork preserved in red wine or vinegar, flavored with garlic. However, many Indian restaurants use beef, chicken, lamb, prawns or vegetables such as mushroom in its recipe. 

pork vindaloo Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

2. Saoji Chicken

Known for its hot and spicy taste, Saoji chicken is a famous Maharashtrian curry. Use of dry coconut makes the gravy thicker, at the same time variety of hot spices enhance the taste of dish. For many people, it’s too hot to digest that they get the spices toned down for better enjoyment. 

saoji chicken curry Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

3. Lasaniya Batata

Lasaniya Batata is a famous Gujarati vegetarian dish, cooked with garlic, yogurt and spices. Excessive use of garlic makes the flavour too pungent. Lasaniya in Gujarati means garlic and batata means potatoes. It’s a blissful delight for those who can tolerate the burning taste of red chillies. 

lasaniya batata Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

4. Kolhapuri Mutnacha/Kombadicha Tambda Rassa

A signature dish from a place known for its spicy chillies, Tambda (fierce red) rassa (curry) of Kolhapur, has the capacity of raising your hair, and bringing tears in your eyes – Yet you would sit, keep on drinking water and continue relishing it.

tambda rassa spicy Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

The spices used in the dish are all local masalas which women in every household prepare and store for 6 months. And in them, you find the king of the masala – the rich, spicy and hot – lavangi mirchi.

kolhapuri mutton Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

5. Hyderabadi Biryani

This flavorful dish is made with basmati rice, mutton, yogurt, onions, lemon, saffron, spices. Coriander leaves and fried onions are used for garnishing. Mutton, though, is the preferred meat, still some people like it replaced with chicken.

hyderabadi dum biryani Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

It is served with yogurt, green chilly curry and salad. Salads usually include onion, carrot, cucumber and lemon wedges.

hyderabadi biryani spicy food Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

6. Kosha Mangsho

Bengalis live to eat they say, and why not after all they have grown up eating and slurping some of the best lip smacking food – One of them being the tasty and spicy Kosha Mangsho.

kosha mangsho Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist

A saut’ed mutton dish, the thick Kosha Mangsho is mostly served with Luchi (Puri in Bengali). Traditionally, it is made on Jamai Shasti (the day when the son in law comes), but mostly you’ll find the juicy dish on the Bengali dinning table every lazy Sunday afternoon.

kosha mangsho 2 Hot & Spicy Indian Foods You Cant Resist


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