ISIS, in the name of religion, is luring countless young minds into their group. But it is after joining the group, they repent their decision.

He was a boy of merely 16 years of age. But he knows well what he has to do with his life. He was well aware that he has taken birth to do something big in his life which has not been done before either in his familyn or his distant relatives in the recent past. Academically sound, everyone has staunch belief in his ability. To solve mathematical puzzles or drive an equation is left hand task for him. His name was Mohammad Afroz. His family migrated to IT city Bangalore from a rural household so as to provide their younger lot a bright future. Afroz is the only son in the family and has one sister shayna. Being the eldest child he has more responsibility on his shoulder. When he was only one years of age, Afroz father has got job in Denz Bank as clerk. The bank has given his father two room set as family accommodation along with transport facility two and fro from office.

What else one need that too in a city where rent of a two room set is as high as a stay in Five start hotel. Finally the family made up mind to relocate to this new place where everything is abundant in comparison to scarcity of rural area where they are living presently. After attaining the age of three, Afroz was put in the nearby play school. Afroz starts showing his talent just after he starts walking on his own. Has was the pride of his teacher. You give him a word and he blurt out it in a few moments.

chanakya bindusar 1 Death Of Dream

Having a razor sharp mind and ability to grasp anything, he was nicknamed a Modern Chanakya. As the time progressed he starts generating interest in computers which is quite common in Bangalore due to its IT atmosphere. There are more computers in Bangalore than there are citizen in the city which is also known as Silicon Valley. As the saying goes even an auto rickshaw can give you some tricks about programming.

Being a part of deep religious family, Afroz also developed a habit to offer five times Namaz every day. On every Friday, he used to visit nearby mosque so as to hear lecture about Holy Koran room the head of Mosque. One fine day after the namaz, he overhears the discussion about ISIS, a Muslim outfit who has captured a substantial amount of land at Syria border. Along with that they are trying to open a centre in India as well so that Muslim youth can be lured so as to join them and provide their services in the establishment of world Khalipah.

isis Death Of Dream

In order to sooth down his curiosity, he opens his laptop after coming to his room at his home. He starts reaching about ISIS. While Surfing on the net a found a video about a Mullah (Head of the organization) about the vision of this organization and reason for its birth. According to him US has created an imbalance in the world where the poor has been neglected and the capitalist have taken the charge. The most neglected ones are the Muslims which are living at their own peril. There is no one there to take care of them. Even leaders of Muslim leaders are playing under the hand of US. This course correction can be done through the establishment of world Khalipah where all rules and laws will be made as per shariah, most pious mentioned under Holy Korean.

In order to do that every Muslim must join in their struggle to play their part. Mullah then show some members who has come from every nook and corner to join ISIS. They show their allegiance towards ISIS by blurting out something in Arabic. It is a one hour video. After the end of the video there as a recitation from Holy Korean according to which it is the responsibility of every Muslim to propagate the teaching of Mohammed to public at large. Afroz finally arrived at the decision. The moment for which he was waiting for has arrived. No matter how much difficulty he would face, he will certainly join ISIS in their noble cause. Who can provide respite from violence,hatred and poverty other then Holy Korean?Further he searched on the net how to reach ISIS.
He found that there is route through Dubai, although illegally so as to reach Syria. He packed his bag along with cash and told his family that he is going to Dubai so as to enjoy his holiday without making his intention clear. There was a direct flight to Dubai from Bangalore airport. After clearance of his baggage he takes his seat reached Duabi after around 4.5 hours journey. He knows what to do next. He has some numbers which he has found on net. The numbers are of some agents who are working as recruitment agents for ISIS. Their responsibility is to gather people from all over the world who are ready to join ISIS and make their safe passage to ISIS centre. He was loaded on the ship and after traveling for many days reached to the designated destination.

It was a small cabin covered all around having no window and only one door. One man entered into the room and after that the interrogation start. After 1 hour of intense questions and answers finally he was Okayed to be part of ISIS. Being an IT geek, he was assigned the responsibility to upload the videos, blogs and other message through social networking sites so as to disseminate the information about ISIS and its activities.

isis trail of terror Death Of Dream

As the days progressed, Afroz became wary of the activities of ISIS. No it was not the same as he has thought off. Mindless killing, rapes , torture, selling human is what they call an important part to maintain stronghold. He has seen and had to upload many beheading videos. How this can be an act of God where a fellow human being is killed just because he does not agree with you or do not follow your ideology. No this is not the place to stay far too long. My India is much better that this area captured forcefully by ISIS. I have to go from here somehow.

Afroz contemplated while sitting at his desk. While Afroz is going through churning of thoughts, a bomb fell off from a plane roaming above the roof. From the many days he is hearing the strikes initiated by US forces to give a death blow to ISIS. Before Afroz comes to any conclusion roof opens up with a big thunder and walls crumble with a thud. Afroz got himself inside the pounds of cements and structures of the room. His face was still open to air. He is breathing at a slow pace. He knows his last moment has come. He knows his dream to become a niche in IT has gone. What a painful end to dream which he has woven in his mind. How can the most pious Allah do this with him. Is he not an ardent follower of his teaching? Where he had made some fault while exercising the teaching of Holly Korean?

Few things are easy to accept than to find logic in them. With these thoughts, he instantly transports to his childhood memories when he was such a lovable child in this house. He was the cutie pie of his parents as well as teachers. How much proud they have on him? In the last moment of his death, he only requested Allah to convey his message to his parents in form of dreams of how much he love both of them as well as little sister Shayna. Today he is departing from this world but when he comes again, may he shall be blessed with the same family whose ultimate aim was to given bright future to their children. As the last wall fell, his breath vanished away from his body saying good bye to this cruel world which had taken the mask of religion in order to unleash cruelty and selfishness.

By Hitesh Pundir

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