Jealousy comes with benefits depending upon the way we shape it. To make jealousy good or bad – bank on the way we work with it.

I am ‘Jealous’ of you. Sounds heavy – haa. Just because I have accepted publically. Let’s be true to ourselves. We all have been ‘Jealous’ with some or other person at some point in life. We feel ashamed, that does lead to a moment of hypocrisy and we all try to hide our feelings, eventually we turned as ‘Liars’. But the question is that; why we feel so low on one common human behavioral pattern. Isn’t a part of human psychology & very obvious one? Ask yourself are you only one who has confronted ‘Jealousy’ or as ‘Jealousy victim’. No; not at all! So no need to feel emotionally down, no need to feel bad about yourself. Just chill!! Rather try to learn relatively positive behavioral points of ‘Yours & others’ by ‘being a jealous person’.

j 6 benefits of ‘JEALOUSY’!!!

 CAUTION: If you are jealous with someone for their pride/achievement/status then you can convert your jealousy as your strength but if you are jealous for no reason then you are simply ‘JEALOUS PERSON’. No remedy for this problem. You are on verge of ‘Self-burn’.

je 6 benefits of ‘JEALOUSY’!!!

If I am jealous with my friend/colleague, this shows that I am;

  1. That’s was my wish, I wanted to do it but couldn’t accomplish  she/he did, just cherish. I had something in mind & I did have clarity on the concept. There are so many people who even don’t know what they want from life. My problem was that I couldn’t execute it on time. So next time I will be more attentive towards me desires.
  2. If I could notice her/him for whatever event/quality, this shows that I have good observation sense and now I will utilize it effectively to figure out why I couldn’t initiate it.  Also what stopped me to do so, next time I will be in-charge of my weakness!
  3. My jealousy shows that; I admire her/him for whatever reason it may be that’s why I am jealous. One should have a quality to accept someone for their greatness & that is the good human gesture. So ‘I am a good human being’. Admire yourself the way you did him/her.
  4. Moments of Jealousy releases some hormones, which encourage us to do something, to excel in our field of interest. It’s a sign of productivity. There should be some burning desire within us to do something, to aspire our goal which ultimately lead to a path of success. So it means I am on the right path. Congratulations!!
  5. ‘Jealous conversation’ which is commonly known as ‘Bitching’, normally people opt to talk about their feelings if it is so then it shows that; I have friends/social circle who care to listen to me for whatever reason it may be, hence I am not alone. Good that I am normal & a social animal. If you don’t express your true inner then you are killing yourself.
  6. Most importantly I have courage to share my feelings/thoughts irrespective of its quality constraint. I know the power of speech and I am utilizing it. Think how many of us are living with dual standards, feeling something & present differently. I am living with my true feelings.

And the last but more powerful, being jealous prove that I am normal human who can sense, feel and react to what I feel. The expression is one of the powerful element, use it rightly and value it. So next time when I will encounter ‘Jealous’ moments I will turn my negative energy into positive and will remember above six benefits of ‘Jealousy’.

jealousy 6 benefits of ‘JEALOUSY’!!!


“Jealousy is the most powerful internal motivational driver. Use it effectively don’t restrict yourself only to bitching but redirect it towards the concrete actions. You will rock!!”

 By Rajkumari Nagpal

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