Mr. Raj Kundra, who is now a published novelist after his debut novel How Not to Make Money was recently published by Random House.

A few decades back we lived in an age of specialists, when everyone who had found an occupation for themselves devoted their complete attention to their own calling in life. The scientists used to dabble in science, the sportsmen used to be engaged in their sporting activities, the bureaucrat used to be immersed in red tape and the businessmen, well; they used to mind their own business. However, the current age belongs to those who can multi task like the former cricketer who laughs at standup comedy shows or the businessman who has now made a foray into writing paperback novels. Now talking of the businessman/ novelist; it brings us nicely to the case of Mr. Raj Kundra, who is now a published novelist after his debut novel How Not to Make Money was recently published by Random House.

Raj Kundra with Shilpa Shetty How Not To Make Money by Raj Kundra

Raj Kundra w Shilpa Shetty , Photo IANS

Raj Kundra has well and truly shown the world now that he has a hand in many pies in addition to his core businesses and those include his interests in the IPL team the Rajasthan Royals, in mixed martial arts, in metal trading, in construction, in energy and allegedly in a bit of cricket spot fixing as well. Now, no doubt a book written by Mr. Kundra even remotely related to money and wealth would be an interesting read considering the fact that he is a first generation millionaire, who built up his considerable fortune on his own, but what one needs to consider is whether he has written the book or not. These days, a person with considerable achievements in a certain field has more to show, more to ‘offer’, has more ‘greatness’ to be achieved and perhaps that is their motivation of going into pursuits that one would not normally associate with them.

Raj Kundra with Shilpa Shetty and Sakshi Dhoni How Not To Make Money by Raj Kundra

Rajasthan Royals owner Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty with Sakshi, wife of MS Dhoni during the match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur on May 12, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

However, you have to hand it to the man who has been painstakingly ‘working’ on this book for the last five years with the help of my co-writer, Arghya Lahiri.’ Now, a co-writer is someone who is needed for someone who either has no knowledge of how to provide a structure to a novel or someone who does the bulk of the research for the book. Now as per Mr. Kundra, the book is a ‘fiction based on a true story’ and most people would be at a loss to understand what that actually means. Let’s put it down to Mr. Kundra’s literary juices that he has somehow found later on in life. So, one would have to assume that his co-writer must have actually been a ghost writer since Mr. Kundra already had the structure of the story in mind.

The story is based on a tax scam and how a troika of friends (an Indian stereotype since Dil Chahta Hai) find themselves in a soup in relation to it. It is a book that will probably not give Mr. Kundra a claim to literary immortality but it will certainly give him the status of a ‘businessman-writer’ or an ‘entrepreneur-novelist’ in keeping with the trends of this day and age.

Now, that is priceless isn’t it?

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