Is HSKD a DDLJ Tibute? There are many ways in which HSKD does pay a tribute to DDLJ but then doesn’t as well:

The hero in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania sits and weeps each time he watches Bollywood’s cult classic romance Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.  So we know that a ‘tribute’ is what this movie is; HSKD is a tribute to DDLJ – which is a case of Karan Johar (producer of HSKD) paying tribute to a film that he himself acted in – so really it’s a case of Karan Johar paying tribute to himself?

Never mind that… people have been dismissing HSKD as a bland imitation of DDLJ. In my humble view, HSKD is not bland, it’s a rollicking fun ride and the movie made me laugh way more than DDLJ ever did. Now DDLJ may be a Bollywood bench mark in many ways but, well it was very much a 90’s movie and will remain so. So is HSKD a DDLJ Tibute? There are many ways in which HSKD does pay a tribute to DDLJ but then doesn’t as well:

The ‘Other’ Men Are Way Hotter Than the Leading Men

angad bedi hskd Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

Parmeet Sethi played Kuljeet Singh in DDLJ. Siddharth Shukla plays Angad Bedi in HSKD. These are the men that our heroines are promised to. Now seriously, looks wise, SRK didn’t quite compare to the big, tall, strong Parmeet. As for HSKD, the contrast between Angad and Rakesh (aka Humpty, Varun Dhawan’s character) is even more obvious.  This is where both films are similar.

The Friends are Way Funnier

shonty poplu Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

Sure the hero and heroine had friends in DDLJ, but they were incidental and distinctly insipid. Humpty Sharma’s friends Shonty and Poplu (I kid you not, those are their names in the film) are silly and funny and loyal and steadfast and, well, way more loveable. In this the two films are very different.

No Cheesy ‘Senorita’

senorita Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

Now I confess it was kind of cute and romantic that Shah Rukh Khan called his lady love Kajol ‘Senorita’ – now it just seems way cheesy. I’m sorry if I’m being blasphemous by saying ‘Chessy’ and ‘DDLJ’ in the same breath… Also that engagement scene (“I have by fingers in a bandage and cannot wear your ring”) and the Karva Chauth scenes in DDLJ – they seemed way romantic then. Now? Say it with me… Cheesy!

Girlish Dreams? Err… Sure!

So Kajol’s Simran had dreams of finding true love – her dreams were idealistic and well, dreamy. Now HSKD’s Kavya has a one point agenda – getting her hands on a designer outfit for her upcoming nuptials by hook or by crook…. Mostly crook.

Criminal Intimidation of a Prof V/s Stealing Beer

kavya Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

Humpty ties up a teacher and intimidates him into giving passing marks. Raj hoodwinks his future dad-in-law into selling him beer. Drinking was oh-so-naughty then. Well not so much now… in HSKD Kavya easily out-drinks Humpty.  Go, you beer guzzling girl you!

Smoking Together V/s Feeding Pigeons Together

ddlj Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

So the boys bonded over feeding pigeons each morning in DDLJ. In HSKD they smoke together. Potato, Potaato…

HSKD is Irreverent

ddlj hskd Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

The scene where Humpty and sets up a camera to blackmail the blackmailer actually had me falling out of my chair. Poplu trying to find out if Angad is gay was another hilarious scene. And why does it have to be the hero carrying the heroine? Why not the other way around!

Chastity? That’s So Old Hat!

hskd Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

In DDLJ Simran wakes up after a drunken night and is horrified to think that her virtue may have been compromised. The gallant Raj is a good boy! He wouldn’t do ‘that’ before marriage! The modern Kavya has no such qualms; Humpty doesn’t need booze to get her into bed.

Raj was Perfect, Humpty is Human

Humpty Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

In DDLJ, choosing a boy other than the one your father picked was OK only because the guy was a philandering, trigger happy so and so. In HSKD on the other hand, Angad is better than Humpty in every way: he’s better looking, he has no vices, he is considerate, mature and a good cook to boot. The girl makes her choice despite this, not because of it. A welcome departure from the norm! Which flesh and blood girl really wants a Mr. Goody Two Shoes after all!

No Saccharine Sister! Thank Goodness

mahnaz damania Is HSKD A DDLJ Tribute? Well, Yes & No

The heroine’s younger sister in DDLJ was so cute you basically wanted to gag. Kavya’s elder sister Swati in HSKD (played with skillful understatement by debutant Mahnaz Damania), is recovering from a bad marriage, but she thankfully she’s not moping and suffering the way Bollywood typically would have her act. I think the sister should have got it on with the beauteous Angad. Now that would really rock our Saturday, Saturday….

By – Reena Daruwalla

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