Idea of using live human babies as crocodile bait may sound horrific but 19th century British hunters in colonial Sri Lanka & India found it interesting

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Human babies as crocodile bait: hunting practices of the British in Colonial India 

The idea of using live human babies as crocodile bait may sound horrific, but the 19th century British hunters in colonial Sri Lanka and India found the idea so charming for big game hunting. A recent review of the 19th century records reveal that at least some British crocodile hunters during the colonial rule used live babies rented from the natives as bait to lure crocodiles. Read more to know the reason behind this shocking and cruel practices and how the British themselves thought about it.

Why are we scared of facing the mirror? 

‘This interview is in no way threatening to anyone. This interview does not harm anyone or weaken the Nirbhaya Case. On the contrary, this interview is a true reflection of our society. This interview is a slap on the face of all Indian Men who Objectify women as sex objects. This interview is a punch in our stomach, which leaves us gasping for air.’ A take on the India’s Daughter documentary, the post brings up some credible arguments and ask us the uncomfortable question- Why are we scared of facing the mirror?

India Seek to Extend Winning Run, Zimbabwe Some Pride 

The fate of both these teams has already been decided as far as the World Cup 2015 is concerned. India are comfortably placed at the top of Pool B courtesy a magnificent run which has seen them beat arch rivals Pakistan, pre tournament favorites South Africa and underdogs West Indies. Zimbabwe have been brilliant at times but have failed to get over the line on numerous occasions. They ran South Africa, Pakistan and Ireland close but were blown away by Gayle storm against West Indies. They would want to salvage something by beating India in their last outing. Know what is at stake in the India Vs Zimbabwe tie in the Cricket World Cup.

Why Taran Adarsh is the best film critic in the world? 

The film critic and analyst was trending on micro-blogging site last Friday with tag – Taran Adarsh – where people were making fun of his film rating abilities, perhaps, I was one of them. Taran in his latest tweet shared the review of Salman Khan’s ‘Kick’, where he gave 4.5 stars to the dump people’s action thriller. Read the sardonic post to know why he is the best critic!

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