What good is of an educated man if he fails to educate another? Education is a diffusive process and hence every educated man should diffuse it around.

So my question goes.. if you lived thousands of years back where there were no houses cars bungalows.  Just forest, river, natural fruits and animals.  You are alone and hunting for food and shelter. And finally you find lots of fruits and a cave to survive. And you meet another human who is suffering like you too. Won’t you offer him the extra food and the place to stay ??

men in caves So You Think You Are Human ??

Any human being will help the other person. But today we all have houses to stay , enough food to eat and satisfying clothes to wear. Yet we want more. We save up and try to make as much property as we can. Why so as we develop we become lesser humans?

Before helping someone. We take selfies and post it. We make a video and post it.

I sometimes wonder how future could be . But it scares me to say it’s going to be worst filled with selfish people who just want to work their ass off and party in the week ends.

no child left behind So You Think You Are Human ??

I wonder if there will ever come a time if lesser privileged  will ever have any hopes for a better life. Al least a better education so that they can become capable enough to lead a dignified life. If we who have been lucky to get education to suffice ourselves do not worry about them, who else will? God is not impartial. That is why he has given us heart. At least if we take make it a point to educate one such kid . We can have some hopes for a better future. 

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