We all are hypocrites as we have our own moments of double standards which we practice in different situations

It’s about breathless moments, moments of double standards which we happen to follow due to need of time. I am sure everyone have faced this but we don’t talk about it openly. “Because we called ourselves are grown-up” or sophisticated professionals. More we get mastery in art of ‘Pretending’ more ‘Successful professionals’ of today we are.

Hypocrisy humans I am HYPOCRITE

Let’s understand our duality & why we opt despite of knowing it very well it’s not true of us. In life there are the moments/stages we deal when we are bugged up to live on expectations of ours nears/dears; this leads into suffocation & expressionless moments. We have been ask to pretend, we have been ask to play a role as they expect from us.

We want to say “NO” but we can’t, we want to run away from that environment but we can’t. Eventually we learn to handle situations by own; rather I would say we introduce with new word called ‘Diplomacy’; we learnt to adjust with diplomacy of own-self & then we certified ourselves as ‘Diplomat’.

We impress ourselves with tolerance record of own-self & vice versa when we see our image in other’s eyes. People around us compliment us with the titles of ‘Matured’ & ‘Grown-up’, but hardly anybody knew other than ourselves; that’s not reality. Truth is just that, we have just learnt to ‘Pretend’, we have learnt art of ‘Suppression’ for the sake of ‘Existence’. We have learnt to wear ‘Smile’ to hide our feelings. We have just learnt to protect ourselves from tearing eyes. Eventually we being welcomed as new ‘Diplomat’ in the society.

Life move & we accept our ‘Duality’ & start believing on ground level facts that; ‘This is our personality’. We don’t give a second thought on how we have become ‘Today’s’ neither we bothered to screen our past, because we don’t have time for ourselves. One more ‘Innocence’ died in a race of corporate culture & materialistic acquisition. Life goes, we take charge of same process & keep repeating same procedure of creating ‘Diplomats’ with others, this is what we have got from world & we returned it with interest.

As a human tendency we want the whole world to be alike. Conflicts rises only when; we couldn’t cope up with what we have ‘BECOME’ & what we ‘WE WERE’ or what we ‘SHOULD BE’. We struggle for our existence. We wanted to be accepted everywhere the way we are & battles of human complexity starts ready to enclose ‘Different story’. You have seen few people living oddly life & point of gossiping by bunch of groups. We tag them as ‘LOSERS’, they are those ‘Different Story’ folks. This is our modern life & mantra of success.

This realization is killing, sometimes not knowing is better than knowing everything. Why we grow up, why we make our life so complicate. At times I miss those moments of innocence from childhood & the group of innocent faces around me. Those simplicity was much better than this comfort. Those innocent fights were better than these polished words, those bitter words with purity was better than these sweet devils.

Is this the reason why we call ourselves ‘Grown-ups’. Is this only to earn money & to be independent?

By: Rajkumari Nagpal

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