Is IPL less about cricket and more about the big money , the dripping glamour the dazzling show? Even so, can we afford to scrap it out altogether?

IPL is the kind of venture that does not go down well with the Indian spirit. I want the government to ban IPL because there is every evil associated with it. It is satta (gambling) and hawala (money-laundering) . It is an immoral thing. The government should act against it.”- Sharad Yadav, a politician from the Janata Dal (United) party, a MP from the Madhepura constituency of Bihar. He had also represented Bihar in the Rajya Sabha.

Mumbai Indians CSK Cheerleaders 300x164 I come to bury IPL, not to praise it!

Apprehending and dissolving oneself in the above quote anybody might be forced to think should IPL continue? Amidst the controversy, commotion and treacherous acts by players our minds might just bend towards a verdict, a decision more characterized by emotional albeit momentary rational feelings. The bollywood romantic hero often advices us to listen to the heart while there is a decision to be made. But life is no scripted screenplay, it would be wise to let the emotions settle down beneath the rational justification’s layer and we let the real verdict to come up piercing the several clouds of unjust justifications.

With IPL what is in store for us – by us I mean non cricketers/non filmstars? A whopping 0.05% of Net Tax revenue is achieved from IPL. Does Indian government have the luxury to deny the opportunity to fill the tax reserves for the sake of maintaining the so called “Indian Spirits”. Considering the financial turmoil we are up to and the fast growing current account deficit, we certainly don’t have a choice but to let the “Laksmi” come in no matter how naughty she may be. This is just the direct tax benefit, the indirect tax tantamount to a much larger figure.

Why do the players do a jhumping jhapak to IPL? The three time Ballon D ‘ore winner gets a salary of 27.5 million Euro, while the average pay remains less than 3.5 million $. The disparity is quite huge in soccer, hence it is not a sport where statistics can be accounted to help us frame the picture. The highest average paying league is NBA, with a stat of 4.15 million $, a figure followed closely by IPL, surpassing the century old soccer leagues. No wonder we see a fleet of players forfeiting national commitments to play for IPL, to them perhaps a two month IPL stands ahead of the pride to play for nation. Chris Gayle as an example made it a point to play IPL even at the cost of losing his place in the West Indies line up forever ( aha! Chris was never playing for his nation rather a union of nations). To be in the cricketers shoe, and then to look at it is a different view- why don’t all boards put IPL in their calendar? Such is the audacity of IPL that it wants all boards to agree and put up IPL in their calendar even though BCCI would never reciprocate the same to them. To sum it all up IPL to a cricketer is nothing short of a money vending machine- and the access code is certainly their performance.

Is that all about IPL? No there is more in store- it’s a media carnival for the celebs, they get a chance to be on the lime light. At the age of brands- the equity is hit hard while you are off from the flashing lights. Just in case you have an iota of doubt check Archana Vijaya’s facebook page – she is now a public figure with more than 35000 likes- who would have known her had IPL not been there. Thus it beyond any doubt that IPL is a spicy starter for a celeb’s dinner.

It just doesn’t end, the stadiums in Raipur, Ranchi, Dharamshala, Vadodra, Rajkot seems to be a by-product of IPL. A nation which has at around 15-20 matches for the entire year(International matches) do we need those? Not really. Eden Gardens host just one match in a couple of year(a test or one-day). Such is the effect of IPL that a reality developer-( lets cascade this a bit)- a civil engineer- an unskilled labour get to their bread – that bread is certainly not fixed by a Jiju!

The era where brand India is of immense significance to attract investors, lure global customer to buy our product- IPL is a stepping stone. IPL is values at 4.13 Billion $, it has surpassed the top leagues in terms of attendance (average of 34000+ , a Manchester derby host less than 15000 audience). To India IPL is a feather if well polished, to think about it as a curse is as if a step to moving back to Mughal age, without its glory. As for Mr. Sharad Yadav, let me remind you the scams, policy paralysis and the democratic diarrhea with buearacratic constipation this guys have made the nation fall into- he doesn’t stand a chance to advice us. To India IPL is a brand to potray the world that India is growing from strength to strength-a move towards brand India!

Image Source : IANS

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